8 reasons why walking is good for your health

In times of lockdown we have started walking en masse. From daily blocks to long walks. But lockdown or not, walking is always a good idea. Get some fresh air, be offline for a while and then continue with what you were doing full of energy. But there is more good news. A 30-minute walk also provides many long-term health benefits.

Walk yourself fit(ter)

Be extra kind to your body – especially now that working from home has become the norm – and take the legs more often. This is why:

1: Heart health

With a small block you lower your blood pressure, your blood circulation is stimulated and you reduce the risk of heart problems. And certainly for the women the percentages do not lie; the risk of a heart attack is reduced by as much as 43%!

2: Boost brain functions 

Walking is not only relaxing, it also has a direct impact on the overall health of our brains. And in addition, a run of just half an hour a day can greatly reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and fight early dementia.

3: Burn fat faster

There is a group of researchers who claim that getting your tax of 10,000 steps daily is better for your body than working up a sweat for hours every week. Although not all scientists are on the same page on this, they do agree that walking activates your large muscle groups, fueling your fat burning. Also nice to have.

4: Happy Digestion 

If you take a walk, your digestion will work better and you prevent constipation. It is therefore a good idea to go out for a short time, especially after an (evening) meal. It also appears to have a positive effect on reducing the risk of colon cancer and diabetes.

5: Reward Lungs

No matter how short or long, taking it easy is something that gives the functioning of your lungs a boost. This is due to the increase in oxygen circulation in your blood. 

6: Get off the bench

Your body is not made to sit still for hours. It wants out! By moving you reduce the chance of a stiff body, joint pain and other physical discomforts.

7: Back straight

One of the most weak spots of many: the (lower) back. You can also improve this and make it stronger by walking for half an hour every day. This improves your blood circulation in your spine, your mobility and your posture. Three win-wins.

8: Zero mind

Finally, walking is the perfect activity to take a break from your mind. To completely empty it and recharge yourself with new energy. 

Tired and tired of sitting in front of your PC for days? By the above list of benefits you know what you can do to give yourself a healthy boost. Find a nice walking buddy and before you know it you will be unstoppable. Walk them!

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