9 Little Things I Do That Completely Changed My Life

My life started taking a new turn when I started doing certain things. They are the little things I didn’t know could change my life.

I have decided to share those 9 of those little things with you and sit back, get a cup of coffee, relax and enjoy reading this piece.

1 Going to bed on time
Once I went to bed on time, I was in bed scrolling on my phone for a long time. I’ve never been a very good sleeper, but I’d never put the blame on myself. But now I set myself a set time to go to bed and stick to it. I no longer look at my phone in bed and I sleep wonderfully! Even when I don’t feel really tired I stick to my bedtime and it feels great. I feel a lot more energetic and getting up is even easy!

2 Waking up before it’s really necessary
Snoozing was my thing. I kept snoozing until the last moment and then I dragged my semi-conscious body out of bed to get ready for the day. This didn’t work, of course, so I decided to wake up earlier. Not only do I feel more energetic for the rest of the day, I now have time to do things before I go to work. Obviously this point is made possible by point 1 :).

3 Read one book a week
When I was younger I devoured books until I stopped reading because I no longer had the time or the only one to start a new book. But I challenged myself to start reading again. I joined a book club so I could finish at least 1 book before our book club deadline. In the end, reading became a habit again and I can lose myself in a book the old-fashioned way again. It helps me put my phone down and relax. 

4 Unplugging in the evening
Everyone knows that blue screens are bad for your night’s sleep, but I never did much with this info, maybe even thought it was a bit exaggerated. But since I put my phone and laptop away from nine o’clock in the evening, I sleep significantly better! In the evening I read a book or watch a movie without being distracted and that gives me peace of mind.

5 More home cooking
It’s so easy to order something or to heat up a ready meal, but it’s so much tastier and better to cook yourself. This takes some planning, but I make sure that I’ve already looked at what I want to eat that week over the weekend. Then I can tailor my shopping to this and eat healthy and tasty. Much better for my body and wallet. 

6 Removing Yourself From Stressful Situations
Drama can be addictive. That’s why I made a commitment to myself to run away from drama. It doesn’t always have to mean walking away forever, sometimes a break works just fine. 

7 Stop putting my nose into other people’s business
I was curious and loved to gossip. So I was very concerned with other people’s lives. I loved it: drama from other people. But I came back from this. I have to mind my own life. I no longer worry about the lives of others and I try not to have an opinion or prejudice about it. This gives a lot more positivity and energy than stupid gossip.

8 Having a standard for the people in my life
I try not to have any opinion or prejudice about the people I love, instead I try to listen without judgment. But I have learned that this does not mean that others treat you badly. There’s no point in doing your best for people who won’t do it the other way around for you. That’s why I now have certain standards for the people I love. This makes the friendships I have a lot more balanced and fun. Which has helped me lead a healthier and more productive life.

9 Being a Positive Influence on Others
I never really thought about being an influence on others. But it’s nice to dwell on this. Support your friends when they need it, stand on the sidelines when a friend takes part in a run, give that compliment and energize others and yourself. With a little positivity and support you can go a long way.

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