9 things happy people don’t do

We often look at the habits and mindset of happy people, but we look much less at the behavior that happy people do not exhibit. That is why you see below an overview of the things that happy people do not do.

1 They don’t criticize others
Happy people don’t feel the need to criticize other people. When you criticize other people, it often says more about yourself than about the other person. We often put others down to make ourselves feel better, which is often a sign of insecurity. Happy people empathize with other people and have no need to put them down.

2 They don’t compare
Happy people are satisfied with their own life choices. They are grateful for what they have and they don’t compare their lifestyle to that of others.

3 They don’t complain
Complaining makes you focus on the things you don’t have, rather than the things you do have. You will probably never get everything you want in your life, lucky people know this and are at peace with this.

4 They don’t live in the past
Living in the past often means sticking with things that didn’t go well or that you regret. This is often a waste of time. Let go of the things you can’t change anyway.

5 They don’t Waste Time
Happy people know the importance of living in the now and trying to get the most out of life.

6 They don’t try to change others
Happy people accept their friends and acquaintances for who they are, without annoyance or frustration. They look for the positive in every person.

7 They ensure that they continue to grow as people
They focus on their goal, their dream, their daily habits and their health. By staying focused, they actually achieve what they want to achieve.

8 They don’t worry about what others think of them
Happy people don’t worry about what others think of them. They do what they do because they support it and because it feels right to them.

9 They don’t get stuck in worrying
Happy people know that worrying doesn’t do them any good and can make you depressed and stressed.

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