9 things highly sensitive people do unnoticed

Studies estimate that 15 -20 percent of the population is highly sensitive. Highly sensitive people are hypersensitive to various stimuli, ranging from pain to caffeine. As a result, highly sensitive people develop certain characteristic traits:

1 They feel overwhelmed when they have to do too much at once
Highly sensitive people find it difficult to focus on one task when they have several things to do. They get nervous and feel stressed which makes them much less productive.

2 They find a loud environment chaotic
Highly sensitive people do not function well in large open plan offices because this puts their senses in overdrive with all the sounds, smells and activities around them.

3 They become grumpy when they are hungry
When a highly sensitive person is hungry, he or she becomes grumpy more quickly. They find it difficult to function and they express their frustrations on the person closest to them.

4 They find it suffocating when observed
Highly sensitive people work best when they are sitting alone or quietly. Put them in a high pressure situation such as when they have to give a presentation and they will perform less well because of the pressure they feel.

5 They are touched by art
Whether it’s going to a musical or a gallery, highly sensitive people appreciate art. They notice that they are touched by the creative expressions.

6 They recognize other people’s discomfort
Highly sensitive people recognize when someone else likes it when the lights are dimmed or the music needs to be turned down. They sense exactly what someone else needs.

7 They Withdraw When Things Get Too Overwhelming
After a long day or busy week, a highly sensitive person needs some time to themselves to recover. For example, a quiet bedroom can be the ideal place for a highly sensitive person to recharge.

8 They find it uncomfortable when there are loud noises
Loud concerts or intense fireworks are often not very pleasant for people who are highly sensitive. They are a lot more sensitive to sound than other people.

9 They avoid violent and violent images on TV or  online
Watching violent movies or playing violent games can quickly be too much for a highly sensitive person.

Being highly sensitive doesn’t mean you have a disorder or something else that needs to be ‘made’.. no it simply means that everything goes deeper. When you know that you are highly sensitive, you can slowly become aware of the things that are too much for you and take this into account in the future.

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