9 tips to keep your house tidy

To keep dirt and clutter out of your home, you need to spend a lot of time cleaning and tidying up. However? But what if you don’t have that time? Are you doomed to live in a dump? Luckily not. We give you 9 tips to keep your house in order, without it becoming a full-time job.

1. Provide a runway at the front door

You regularly come home with new stuff. And you usually put it somewhere in the house where there is room. But those things often stay there longer than necessary. They give your home a cluttered impression. Therefore, provide a space in your hall at the front door where you place those things. And put them in the right place when you have time.

2. Wash the dishes after every meal

A mountain of dishes in the kitchen gives a messy and unhygienic impression. And such a mass of dirty plates and bowls is by no means motivating. Therefore, make it a point of honor to wash the dishes after every meal. You spend less time on this necessary task, and your kitchen is always spotless.

3. Make a list and use a timer

Give structure to your household chores and make a list that distinguishes between things that need to be done daily, weekly and monthly. Schedule these tasks on a calendar and make sure you do a little each day.

Because most tasks take a maximum of 20 minutes to complete, it is best to set your timer to 20 minutes. During this period you only focus on your task and do not let your smartphone, e-mails or your children distract you. Or let the latter help of course, that’s also possible.

4. Walk around your home

After a long working day, put your feet under the table, eat and then plop on the couch? Not only does this reflect an unhealthy lifestyle, but it is also the ultimate recipe for an untidy home. After dinner (or yes, after doing the dishes) take a look around your house, and tidy up everything you come across.

5. Do the laundry and iron at set times

Washing and ironing are – to say the least – not popular tasks. Nevertheless, we think clean and wrinkle-free clothes are important. By planning (and also executing) these tasks at fixed times, you create a routine, which ultimately makes you less anxious about it.

6. Throw out things you don’t use

Many houses are cluttered with things that are hardly used or not used at all. Just think of your bulging wardrobe, or your messy workspace. Throw away things you never use. And be ruthless in it. Work systematically: every week you go in one room to look for unnecessary things. After a few weeks you will notice that your house feels more orderly.

7. Shop Consciously

Those 21 different candle jars, that pile of unread magazines and that growing pile of fleece blankets disrupting the order of your living room… how did you get that? That’s right, by buying them. So think carefully before making a purchase. A good method to gain insight into this is to keep track of what you get at home for a period of time. Often the thought of ‘having to write it down’ is enough to leave the odds and ends behind.

In addition, it is also important to think carefully about waste when doing your weekly shopping. Buy consciously and choose items that cause little waste. Bringing a reusable shopping bag is a good start.

8. Go for a regular routine

Small routines make life easier. For example, before you jump into the shower, the toilet has to be cleaned. Build such small habits into your life, and your house will remain clean almost unnoticed.

9. Teach your kids (and your partner) to tidy up

Keeping your house clean is the responsibility of all residents. So dividing the tasks is no more than normal. Teaching your children to tidy up is also an essential part of their upbringing.

Is your partner not a tidying up? Then give him or her a (figurative) kick under the butt and a vacuum cleaner in hand. Because everyone contributes.

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