Aishwarya Sakhuja on recent dog cruelty incident: They’re free to go with ₹50 fine, itne mein toh bhaaji bhi nahi aati


In a heartbreaking incident recently, a beloved community dog named Jai met a tragic end at the hands of cruelty in Runwal, Lokhandwala. Actor Aishwarya Sakhuja, an animal lover herself, expresses her deep sorrow and outrage over the incident, and tells us, “A tenant in Runwal, Lokhandwala, mercilessly killed this dog named Jai. The community was taking care of both of them,” laments Sakhuja, adding, “From whatever I know, the community is now after the guy to get evicted from society, and animal lovers in Bombay are now taking a stand against him.”

Aishwarya Sakhuja reacts to recent dog cruelty case

“We all need to first learn how to be human beings and have that basic sense of humanity. There is so much violence that’s happening with the feeders and the animals also,” she further adds.

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The actor also underscores the importance of holding perpetrators accountable for their actions, emphasizing that such acts of cruelty cannot go unnoticed. “The idea is that the violence cannot go unnoticed, the perpetrator has to be punished. If we are going to continue letting people go after this, you are only creating trouble for yourself.”

Expressing her disbelief and dismay, Sakhuja questioned the motives behind such heinous acts of cruelty. “I am honestly trying to understand what kind of pleasure a sane human being must be deriving from this,” she says. “Someone has to be mentally screwed for such an act to be done to an animal.”

While acknowledging people’s concerns about stray animals, Sakhuja stresses the importance of coexistence and compassion. “While I understand people are scared of stray dogs, being an animal lover myself, I try to spend time with my community animals. Till the time you are not attacking them and are not a threat to them, they are not going to do anything to you.”

“There are many NGOs working towards the cause, but that’s not enough. The law has to be implemented in such a way that people are scared of doing this,” she ends.


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