Ammayariyathe: Jithendran disguises himself as a woman to kill the CM at the function – Times of India

Ammayariyathe continues to win hearts with the unexpected twists in the storyline. The Sreethu Krishnan – Nikhil Nair starrer is currently progressing in one of the interesting plots where Ambadi and Alina are struggling to stop Jithendran.

In the recent episode, Ambadi and Kaliyan reach the venue, where CM’s programme is scheduled to happen. Ambadi says that he can only relax after this programme. He adds that there are reports that an explosion might happen here.

On the other hand, at Chadran’s house, Jithendran disguises himself as a female and enters the scene. Shocked by Jithendran’s makeover, Chandran asks about the former’s plan.

Jithendran says that he will be taking Chandran near the CM and he has planned an explosion there. Meanwhile, Ambadi reaches the house and notices a new person there. But, leaves the place without any doubt. Jithendran, who was worried with Ambadi’s arrival, tells Chandran that he is afraid of Ambadi. Later, he warns Chandran not to create any trouble for him till his mission is over.

Back at the venue, Alina is seen having a conversation with Anu. She tells Anu that she is suspicious about Urmila’s change. She expresses her doubt about whether Sachi has manipulated Urmila too.

Meanwhile, Ambadi and Kaliyan also reach the scene. Anu says that she doesn’t think anyone can create problems at the venue since security is very tight. However, Ambadi is still couscous that Jithendran might make an entry at any time.

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