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In the recent episode of ‘Anuraga Ganam Pole’, Sumi tries to express her feelings for Giri during their dinner date. However, leaving her shocked, Giri reveals that he pretended to be in love with Sumitha so that the latter recovers fast. Hearing this Sumi gets shocked and she tries to hide her emotion. Though Giri says that she will always hold a special place in his life, Sumi gets teary-eyed.
After a while, Sumi goes to the washroom and starts crying. She gets heartbroken that all her dreams have gone in vain. Later, she comes back to the table. Giri asks Sumi why she invited him for dinner. Sumi lies that she wanted to thank Giri for taking care of her when she was paralyzed.

Anuraga Ganam Pole: Sumi learns about Giri’s ‘fake love’

In the latest episode of Anuraga Ganam Pole, Anuradha is relieved that Giri has called off the police investigation. Later, she expresses her anxiety about the officer uncovering her secrets. Meanwhile, Sumi writes a love letter to Giri, but he mistakes it for a poem and appreciates her talent. Sumi prepares a special meal for Giri, but he disappoints her by not coming home for lunch. Sumi confides in Sneha about Giri’s changing behavior, and Sneha advises her to express her love. However, Sumi’s hopes are shattered when Giri confesses that his love for her was fake.

On the way home, Sumi apologizes to Giri for thinking that he has realized his love for her. Further, they reached the room, and Giri apologizes for disappointing her. Giri says that she should understand that they will never be able to lead a family life together.


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At night, Sumi takes the tickets for their honeymoon and throws them away. She thinks that it is too hard to accept that Giri has been faking his love for her.
Meanwhile, Sneha calls Sumi and asks about the date. Sumi cries to her that all her plans have gone in vain. Further, Sumi narrates the situation and starts crying. Sneha is shocked to learn about Giri’s confession and she struggles to console Sumi.

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