Artificial Super Intelligence acting as ‘The Great Filter’ for Alien evidence?


Artificial Intelligence is the reason scientists have not found any evidence of Extra-terrestrial civilisations? Scientist have come top believe that there has to be a connection in the development of AI on Earth to the lessening probability of finding evidence of an alien civilisation. 

Scientists adhering to the Fermi Paradox have stated that the contradiction between the high probability of alien life existing and the complete lack of evidence for it, may have been tied to the AI development among human on Earth. 

According to a report published by Michael Garrett, it is suggested that AI’s evolution into Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) could be the ‘Great Filter’, keeping alien evidence away. 

The Great Filter theory says that a hurdle that intelligent life must overcome to become advanced and interstellar. The theory applies itself to natural disasters and self-inflicted destruction as well. 

Garrett argues that Artifical Super Intelligence development might be a tipping point for civilizations, potentially leading to extinction within 200 years if left unchecked. This timeframe could explain the lack of any detectable signs of past ETIs.

The study by Garett also highlights the urgency of developing regulations for AI development and pursuing a multi-planetary future to mitigate these existential threats.

Beyond immediate job displacement concerns, the ethical and societal implications of advanced AI loom large. Issues like algorithmic bias, societal manipulation, and the potential for AI to make autonomous decisions raise a multitude of unanswered questions.

Stephen Hawking previously warned of AI surpassing human intelligence and potentially replacing humanity altogether. This scenario aligns with the concept of ASI, a super-intelligent AI surpassing human capabilities.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida enlisted Inc. and Nvidia Corp. to fund a new joint artificial intelligence research program, as the two nations look to improve collaboration around the quickly emerging technology, reported Bloomberg. 

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Published: 11 Apr 2024, 06:22 PM IST


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