Buckle Up For A Good Laugh: Pilot’s Announcement On Bangkok Flight Is Unmissable

Last Updated: May 09, 2023, 17:07 IST

He also humorously advises passengers not to consume paan during the flight. (Credits: Instagram/poeticpilot_)

The pilot amused the passengers by making a lighthearted remark about the possibility of some male travellers concealing their Bangkok visit from their wives.

Who needs turbulence when you have pun-derful announcements to keep you entertained? This SpiceJet pilot has made amusing travellers his life’s mission. Identified to be Mohit Teotia, the man goes by the username poetic pilot on Instagram. True to the name, Mohit Teotia often uses his poetic style to make in-flight announcements before take-off. During one of his latest flights, the pilot cracked a plethora of jokes, all while using his ace rhyming prowess, thereby leaving the passengers to burst out in a fit of laughter.

Starting off by reminding passengers of the beauty of the sky, the poetic pilot on a recent Bangkok-bound SpiceJet flight had everyone in stitches as he gave his pre-flight announcements. With a witty warning against the use of tobacco and paan, the pilot’s humorous puns kept the passengers laughing throughout. He even managed to poke fun at the male passengers who may have lied about their trip to Bangkok, knowing that their wives would punish them when they returned home. As the announcement came to an end, the sound of laughter and applause filled the cabin. Mohit Teotia, aka the poetic pilot, shared the video of his hilarious announcements, saying that he’s happy when his passengers are happy. Click the link to watch the amusing clip!

With amassing over 1.2 million views within just 5 days, the video is being widely appreciated by Instagram users. One of them commented, “Jis flight me aap jaise pilot rahenge waha toh passenger khush hi honge sir (Flights who have such entertaining pilots, always make their passengers happy)” Another added, “I would like to travel to Bangkok only to meet him.” One more said, “You are doing an amazing job. Keep spreading positivity with full of your humour & sweet smile. God bless you.” Meanwhile, a user expressed, “Want to travel on your flight.”

In a similar instance, previously yet-another clip showcased how a good pilot makes the journey easy but a funny one also makes it memorable. A passenger who boarded a flight from Delhi to Srinagar recorded a hilarious poetic announcement that left his fellow passengers in complete splits. Just like the Bangkok-bound flight pilot, the old video captured the crew member using humorous rhymes to deliver information. “They started off in English, but I only began recording later. I don’t know if this is a new marketing track or it was the captain himself, but this was so entertaining and endearing!” the passenger wrote while sharing the clip. Check it out below:

The old video which was also filmed on a SpiceJet flight racked up over three lakh views on Twitter.

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