Customer Acquisition Techniques in 2022

Customer acquisition techniques in 2022 adapt to a new reality in which a thousand and one different reasons affect the economic situation. New technologies and geopolitical instability are two of these factors, not even mentioning the impact that COVID-19 had on our productive sector.

All this means that entrepreneurs must be more creative and efficient, that our projects must work better. One of the components of success is, of course, attracting new customers. But how do we do it when there is so much instability and uncertainty?

The good news is that the fundamental principles of business success remain the same. Interestingly, as fundamental as they are, many times we do not dedicate enough resources and effort to optimize these basic principles.

In this article, we are going to explore various customer acquisition techniques in 2022 that will help you boost your project from the most basic level.

Constantly study your ideal client

Have you ever spent time building and studying the profile of your ideal client? Or do you do like many other entrepreneurs and let yourself be guided by past experiences and “hunches”?

Unfortunately we have become accustomed to working instinctively and that, in the dynamic economy that we have right now, does not provide the results that it provided in previous decades, when everything was much simpler and easier.

You have an obligation to spend time understanding your ideal customer. Collect and study data about your preferences and identity. Build a prototype based on this information. Get as familiar as possible with this ideal client and work for him.

Work on your message to get clarity on the problems your product solves

Before trying to convince the masses that your product is the solution to all ills, review your message well. Many products and services out there spend an inordinate amount of time explaining why they are the best on the market. All features are explained in incredible detail.

This is a serious problem. We live in the attention economy and thousands of companies with more resources than you are investing millions in getting that attention, including the attention of your potential clients. Your ideal customers no longer have the time or attention to read your lengthy explanations of how great your product is.

Do you want to check this? Think about the last few times you have found yourself browsing the website of a product or service in which you did not have a very clear interest. How willing or willing were you to read the entire narrative imposed by the company about what they offer, do and do not do?

With all your personal and professional commitments, do you have time to read an 800-word sales pitch? Do you have a surplus of attention to give away in this way?

There is a high probability that when you come across a product or service, what you are most interested in knowing is how you benefit from it. Other narrative elements are of value and are appreciated, but we always value when the benefit is clear at first glance, when they do not make us work to understand how we or our projects win.

It’s the same case for your ideal client. Work on your message and get clarity, tell first how their problems are solved in practical terms.

As our society has evolved into an attention economy, where most of us spend thousands of hours a year looking at our phones, sales and customer acquisition techniques have also adapted.

Experiment with as many actions as possible

Finding success in marketing and sales depends on your company’s willingness to experiment. If they tell you that with a new website and logo you are going to increase your sales by 20%, be suspicious. Nobody has the formula for success, especially now with so many technological, economic and political changes.

Success comes from experimenting with as many actions as possible. Your plan to attract new clients must bet on a long list of actions that allows you to measure results, compare and refine.

A recent Gartner study shows how marketing budgets have increased from 6.4 to 9.5% of the company’s total turnover and an average of 11.2% of turnover in companies within the technology sector.

Knowing this fact, it is useful to keep in mind that these companies, at least those that are having good results, did not start by putting all their eggs in one basket, that is, investing all this budget in one or a few channels. On the contrary, when a company begins to do marketing, it must open its range of possibilities to the maximum and touch all channels, knowing first-hand if it works or not.

Use the power of referrals

If your project is several years old, chances are you have a couple of happy customers with the product or service provided. It is also very possible that you have a network of contacts that includes businessmen and entrepreneurs with similar personalities and interests.

Almost all of us have this, to a lesser or greater extent. What very, very few do is use these networks to their advantage. To do so, we have the power of referrals.

Successful entrepreneurs navigate their networks looking for collaboration opportunities, and one type of collaboration is referral. We must refine our capabilities in this regard, improving how we connect with existing clients and professional contacts.

This approach will allow us to expand our network of contacts for the benefit of our project. A greater network of trust, a greater number of references we can receive. Referrals are quality prospects who offer us no resistance when approaching and connecting.

As long as we practice good habits of professional communication and prioritize the quality of our relationships, the power of referrals will work in our favor.

Improve, improve, improve

Finally, we must put emphasis on the improvement process. We have never coexisted in such a dynamic economy. We must ensure that our projects, processes and messages evolve at the same pace and remain current at all times. We must make sure that what we say is connecting effectively with the current sentiment of the market.

This sounds tremendously difficult because it is. The process of improvement and refinement is an active effort that never stops. That is why we must, first, have a methodical approach towards it, which allows us to integrate the improvement work into the day-to-day of our operations.

The second thing is to be part of an ecosystem that promotes and rewards improvement, with support and support systems, ideally with like-minded entrepreneurs who share the same objectives.

An example of such an ecosystem is the shortnews247 Entrepreneurs Club. Our partners benefit from high-quality, trustworthy professional relationships, which in turn expand through a network of more than 10,000 entrepreneurs in Spain and Latin America.

shortnews247 offers multiple work and meeting formats for our entrepreneurs to expand their contact networks and improve their professional skills.

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