‘Dad of the Year’: Video of Man Putting Baby to Sleep By Playing Guitar is Perfect Timeline Cleanser

Music is the universal language of comfort. One glance at this baby’s face and you will be in total agreement. In a clip shared on Twitter, a father is seen with his newborn baby resting over his guitar. As he plays soulful musical notes, the baby’s face relaxes and then breaks into a tiny smile. It might just be the sweetest reaction on the internet.

And if the man was not taking the father of the year crown already, the peaceful smile on his face is sure to melt your heart. It is a beautiful demonstration of the father-child bond. Take a peek at the clip here:

Social media users were in awe of the clip. Many were happy to see something so heartwarming on their timeline. Others called it one of the most beautiful clip they had seen in a while. A Twitter user wrote, “There’s a lot of good stuff on my timeline again. I hope it stays like this.”

“Well, if this doesn’t give you a warm and content start to Friday, nothing will. Love that smile,” read another tweet.

A third user wrote, “If this doesn’t make you a little warm and fuzzy, you are frankly, dead.”

Since being shared on Wednesday, the clip has almost 2 million views and over a 100 thousand likes on Twitter.

Meanwhile, another dad is winning the internet for pulling the ultimate dad move to fetch a balloon stuck on the ceiling. To get a balloon off of the ceiling, this dad used his kid as a solution. The clip shared on Twitter showed the father grabbing his child and throwing him in the air. With his quick grabbing skills, the child extends his hands and grabs the balloon before safely landing in his father’s arms. A few users were impressed by what a wonderful team the duo made. However, others were sure that if the mother came across the video she would not be happy about it.

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