Deadlier Than Nukes? US, China Rush For “Inevitable” AI Drone Swarms To Prepare For “New” Warfare – News18


US and Chinese military planners are gearing up for a new kind of warfare with drones equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). The world’s only AI superpowers are engaged in an arms race for swarming drones that is reminiscent of the Cold War. However, experts say drone technology will be far more difficult to contain than nuclear weapons. The world militaries are planning squadrons of air and sea drones equipped with artificial intelligence that can work together like a swarm of bees. Experts say it would be easy and cheap for countries to acquire their own fleets of killer robots since software drives the drones’ swarming abilities. Analysts also say the unchecked spread of swarm technology “could lead to more instability and conflict around the world”.


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