Fighting bed bugs, 13 things you absolutely want to know!

Brrrrr, bed bugs in bed! It may just happen that you share your bed with these uninvited guests. Fortunately, there are plenty of tricks to keep them from accompanying you at night, so you can be sure you’re sleeping on your own. There are also many ways to chase these blood-sucking ((yes, they do, hence the itch!) parasites out of your house!

Causes of bed bugs

If you suffer from bed bugs , you will probably think: why just me? Well, it can happen to anyone, because these pesky intruders love people. They feed on your blood.

This scum can go a year without food. In addition, they are professionals in moving. This way they can easily crawl into your handbag and stay there until they find a warm bed or a nice sofa where they then hatch a lot of eggs.

So they love people, the more people the better. Hotels, dorms, trains, and campgrounds are all favorite haunts of these tiny critters. 

Recognizing bed bugs

You can see bed bugs with the naked eye. The adults are brown in color, but if they have drunk a lot of blood, they turn red or dark brown. They have an oval shape and are about 4 to 7 mm long.

If you smell a strange kind of sweet smell in your bed, it could well be because of these pests. The smell of these mutts is also compared to the smell of dirty laundry.

Recognizing bed bug rashes

Do you suffer from a rash and do you want to know if this is due to bed bugs? Then take a good look at the result. It is slightly darker in the middle of the red spots, which is the place where the bed bug has bitten. Are they clusters or a line of bites? There is a good chance that you have been bitten by bed bugs, they often choose a certain part of your skin and go wild.

You often see small blood stains in your bed because your bed bug bite made contact with the bedding. You can also find dark spots of stool in your bed.

Recognize bed bugs eggs

Bed bug eggs are white in color and about the size of a pinhead. They are often clustered together. The eggs hatch after about ten days. The eggs are often placed in a bed or on a mattress because it is nice and warm and humid there.

To prevent your mattress from becoming the ideal place to build a nest, it is therefore important to keep your mattress clean.

Prevent bed bugs with these 8 tips

You would rather prevent your bed from being attacked by bed bugs. If you follow the tips below, these parasites will find your house and bed a lot less attractive.

  1. In 12 types of pests with just one ingredient you can read how you can keep these crawlies at bay with the help of lavender oil . For example, your bedding will smell wonderfully like a blooming lavender bush while the unwanted visitors take their paws.
  2. Don’t leave rubbish lying around where the critters can hide. If they run out of hiding places, they’ll leave soon enough.
  3. Vacuum your house regularly. If you suspect that there are already bed bugs in your house, throw away the vacuum cleaner bag after vacuuming. This prevents them from crawling out of the vacuum cleaner bag again.
  4. It is best to repair peeling paint or torn wallpaper quickly so that bed bugs have less room to play hide and seek.
  5. Before you happily put on a second-hand piece of clothing, inspect the textiles for bed bugs. In any case, wash the clothes thoroughly before wearing them.
  6. The same applies to items that you purchase at the Kringloop, or from Marktplaats. Check that there are no eggs or bed bugs in it.
  7. Wash your bedding at 60° so that any eggs die and no new bed bugs see the light of day.
  8. Vacuum your mattress regularly. If there is a bed bug or an egg, it disappears in the vacuum cleaner. Again: if you are sure there are bed bugs, throw the vacuum cleaner bag away immediately. These critters are smart enough to crawl out again.

Fighting bed bugs, 5 tips

Oops, you are one hundred percent sure that you have detected a bed bug in your bed. What can you do to fight them?

  1. Bed bugs cannot tolerate heat. If you put your clothes and bedding in the dryer after washing, they will definitely die. If your beautiful dress or shirt is not suitable for the dryer, read the next tip.
  2. You can also freeze bed bugs to death in the freezer. Put clothes and bedding in a sealed bag in the freezer overnight and that’s it.
  3. Scrub the seams of your mattress or upholstery with a stiff brush. This way you scrape away all the eggs and parasites that hide in the crevices of your mattress.
  4. You can also fight bed bugs with steam. The high temperature of a steam cleaner ensures that these parasites and the eggs die. Even if the bugs are in your mattress, there is a chance of success because the steam penetrates up to a few centimeters deep through the fabric.
  5. Like lavender oil , they also dislike tea tree oil . Most people don’t find this scent really attractive either, but if you’re distraught, it’s worth a try. You fill a spray bottle with water and add 20 drops of tea tree oil. Now you can spray everything where those critters are.

Finally, there are a lot of ready-made means to combat bed bugs. At the pest store , for example, they have a bed bug trap . You place this around the legs of your bed so that these vermin cannot crawl into your bed. In addition, the trap contains a layer of glue that the scum will stick to. 

If the pest is persistent, you can consider exterminating the insects with a spray can. Compo KO spray is suitable for various crawling insects. The after effect of this spray is 6 weeks and works well against bed bugs. As soon as they crawl over the treated places, that’s the end of the story. If you want more information, click on the button below.

Hopefully you will soon get rid of these nasty critters and you can sleep peacefully again. Good luck!

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