Gandi Baat actor Saba Saudagar to tie the knot with writer-beau Cchintan Shah (Exclusive)

Actor Saba Saudagar, known for shows like Crackdown is married, we have exclusively learnt. Saudagar and her longtime writer-director beau Cchintan Shah registered their wedding in the court on Tuesday. Furthermore, the couple will have an ‘intimate wedding’ with her close friends and family today in Goa.

Saba Saudagar and Cchintan Shah

Saudagar confirms the report, “We only wanted the people who are genuinely happy for us to be a part of our big day. Just want to share this moment with our loved ones without any formality. Our wedding invites made by Cchintan also say ‘Nothing Fancy, Just love’.”

Ask Saudagar, how she feels to be officially married and pat comes her response, “It’s a lot of mixed emotions. I didn’t have butterflies before as I knew solemnising this relationship was long due, but, the moment it happened it hit me hard. My life has, maybe, changed forever. My name is etched with Cchintan till eternity. It is unbelievable. I realised I made a big decision only after I exchanged vows.”

Saudagar and Shah – who has been credited for writing Simran (2017) and other projects – have been dating each other for over six years. While many told the couple that marriage was just a formality, Saudagar feels otherwise. “It’s a lot more. You only realise it the moment it happens. It is a huge step. I still can’t fathom that it happened. Though I’m feeling a little absurd, Cchintan is all cool. Given a choice he would marry me in his shorts and a t-shirt,” the Booo Sabki Phategi actor elaborates.

In the meantime, Saudagar is excited to dress up as a nayi dulhan. Swamped in their wedding preparations, Saudagar and Shah will plan for their honeymoon once they get free from all customs. However, they have already picked their destination and it is Europe, courtesy, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge. “I’m keen on recreating the train scene in Europe where I’m running towards him to unite with my soul mate,” she signs off.

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