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Ganesha says today will be a favorable day for you, but you will have to work seriously to handle any adverse situation. Your means of telecommunication will also increase. If you are assigned any important task at work, it would be better to do it with full attention. You may have to go on a short distance journey, which will be beneficial for you. People working in social sectors should move forward while taking care of their honor and respect and should not be influenced by anyone’s words. Students will also get results as per their wish in the examination today, due to which they will be happy.

  • Lucky Colour: Red
  • Lucky Number: 9

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Ganesha says today is going to be moderately fruitful for you. People doing business can make someone a partner in their business, but you have to investigate them thoroughly first. You will meet some dignitaries. You seem to be getting full support from your father, through which you can solve any problem in your life. People associated with jobs will face problems in the workplace due to the harsh behavior of their superiors. In the evening, you can plan to go on a picnic with your family members.

  • Lucky Colour: Blue
  • Lucky Number: 11


Ganesha says today you will have to maintain balance in family life. If you were having any rift with any member of your family, that too will improve today. You will share some of the problems of your children with your spouse, for which you will find solutions together. You will have to take care of your long-pending legal work; otherwise, it may drag on. In the evening, you can go on a trip to finalize a business deal. People working in the direction of politics will get a chance to hold some public meetings today.

  • Lucky Colour: Green
  • Lucky Number: 2


Ganesha says today will be a day full of confusion for you. You will be a little worried about your financial condition, due to which you will control your expenses, but still, there will be turmoil in your mind. Due to the sudden deterioration in the health of a family member, you will have to run around, due to which you will be worried, but you will feel better after talking to a friend or relative. People associated with jobs will have to be careful before trusting any unknown person. If you transact money with anyone, then definitely consult senior members of the family.

  • Lucky Colour: Grey
  • Lucky Number: 5


Ganesha says today will be a day of increase in your income because some important and stuck deals of the people doing business will be finalized, from which they will also get the benefit, but you will have to avoid taking any hasty decision. Negative thoughts will come to your mind, but you will have to remove them, only then you will be able to focus on some work. You can bring a gift for your spouse. You will also be successful in clearing your old debts. You will also be seen fulfilling some of the demands of your children today, but it will be a day for students to work hard, only then they will be able to achieve success in the examination.

  • Lucky Colour: Pink
  • Lucky Number: 7


Ganesha says today will be a day full of progress for you. You will have to avoid getting influenced by any of your friends or relatives and investing your money in betting. A family member may speak some harsh words to you, due to which you will be mentally stressed. You will have to be careful in the workplace also, otherwise, a situation of dispute may arise. In the evening, you can talk to one of your relatives about the problems you are facing in your child’s marriage. If you have any health problem, the pain may increase, which you should not ignore and seek medical advice.

  • Lucky Colour: Yellow
  • Lucky Number: 1


Ganesha says today is going to be extremely fruitful for you. You will get a chance to start a new business in partnership, in which you will get full support from your parents. Students will also have to maintain a hold on their weak subjects, only then they will be able to achieve success in those subjects. People living a love life will get a chance to express their desires to their partner, but you will have to avoid interfering in the work of others, otherwise, it will be harmful to you. Today in the evening you can participate in some auspicious festival.

  • Lucky Colour: Black
  • Lucky Number: 3


Ganesha says today is going to be moderately fruitful for you. An adverse situation may also arise in the workplace today, in which you will have to control your anger. Sweetness of speech should not be lost. People associated with government jobs will think of completing some of their government work, but fathers may have some eye-related problems. If you have lent money to any of your relatives in the future, then you can also get it back today, due to which you will be happy, but in the evening, you will be happy because some of your wishes will be fulfilled.

  • Lucky Colour: Orange
  • Lucky Number: 10


Ganesha says today is going to be a normal day for you. You will spend some time alone with your spouse, after which the love between you will deepen. You can also go to reconcile with your in-laws. Those who are working, if they are thinking of doing some other work, will be able to find time for it. People doing business may get a golden opportunity to earn profit. You may get betrayed by your family members, so you will have to act carefully. You can also do some shopping to fulfill your daily needs.

  • Lucky Colour: Purple
  • Lucky Number: 6


Ganesha says today will be a troublesome day for you from a health point of view because you may have some stomach-related problems, for which you will have to undergo checkups, etc. You will be successful in maintaining harmony among your family members, but some of your enemies will be strong today; you will have to be careful with them; you will also have to avoid trusting them, those who are working in private jobs, they will get some other better opportunity. You may leave your old job and go to another one. You will participate in some religious events in the evening.

  • Lucky Colour: Lavender
  • Lucky Number: 8


Ganesha says today will bring pleasant results for you. There are chances of students getting the desired success in higher education. There may be some new changes in the lives of people living a love life today. You can share some things in your mind with your parents, and those who are fond of reading can also buy some new books for themselves today. You will have to take out some time to hang out with your spouse, otherwise, he or she may get angry with you. You will feel happy seeing your child progressing. Today you will be seen having fun with the small children of the family, which will reduce your mental stress a little.

  • Lucky Colour: Cream
  • Lucky Number: 14


Ganesha says today will be a happy day for you because your wish of buying a house, shop, vehicle, etc. will be fulfilled. If the mother is facing any health problem, it will also improve. You will have a good time with your brothers and sisters. Due to the approval of the marriage proposal of any member of the family, there will be no limit to the happiness of other members. There will be a festive atmosphere in the family. An old friend of yours may also come and meet you, with whom you will discuss some old issues and old memories will be refreshed. Your wish to go on a trip will also be fulfilled in the evening.

  • Lucky Colour: Maroon
  • Lucky Number: 4

(The author Chirag Daruwalla is the son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla).


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