How cloud phone technology is revolutionizing industries?

The Internet has revolutionized virtually all human activities. So, how could it not do the same with communication and telephony? Today people can use the web to send emails and also text, audio or video messages. But they can also use cloud telephony to make phone calls directly from your computer or Smartphone. How? Through a VoIP service that is a voice server over the IP protocol. This technology revolutionized communities and empowered them, providing a whole series of advanced functionalities.

Cloud telephony is a technology that enables calls to be made through the web protocol (IP); that is, through a data network. In other words, by opting for a VoIP call service, the voice travels over the Internet “highway” and without using the conventional telephone network. And it does so at remarkable speed, with great efficiency and quality, also allowing the deployment of a set of additional services that add value.

On the other hand, this technology allows long-distance communications to be carried out as if they were local calls, which enables significant savings in telephony billing, which make the migration from conventional analog telephony to the VoIP service very convenient.


The advantages indicated above make the service of cloud calls have a great insertion in the business and corporate environment. Particularly in certain businesses and activities, such as call centers and contact centers, offices of multinational companies, help desks or helpdesks that operate remotely, telecenters, etc.

On the other hand, the developments of Android VoIP make this technology compatible with a good part of the smart phones that are currently used, so that the cloud telephony service can also be extended to the mobile universe.

To make calls, the technology known as VoIP telephony uses different software solutions and devices that can be added. In this way, the type of hardware that a company or business has does not represent a significant barrier to adoption and, in fact, the transition to this technology is usually carried out in a transparent and comfortable manner.


By virtue of the advantages it offers, cloud telephony is having an increasingly important insertion in different industries. The ability to make and receive calls via the data network and LOWER COSTS It is very tempting for companies or businesses of different areas.

But this is not the only thing that motivates small, medium and large companies to move to a cloud calling system. This technology also offers evolutionary features that add value to different activities and therefore add competitiveness to companies.

For example, for workspaces where people can develop and collaborate, also known as coworking, the cloud telephony service, in addition to lowering costs, makes it easier for each professional or firm that works in this space to have their own number. This characteristic allows each “coworker” to offer a more professional image to their clients.

On the other hand, if a company or person decides to leave the coworking space, they can cancel the line immediately without causing an inconvenience to the rest of the users who are still in the place. In addition, the VoIP server allows you to redirect calls to certain landlines or mobile phones -something valued by coworkers, who occasionally work from home (homeoffice) and need to answer those calls from there-.

In the health sector, cloud telephony is also penetrating strongly. For what reason? Because sanatoriums, hospitals and clinics can shape their call center with automated answering units. This is how they offer automatic initial responses, without the need for a receptionist. In this way, calls can be diverted to the corresponding sector without taking time from an operator and efficiently and quickly.

As there is also the possibility of connecting the caller with a customer relationship manager, also known as CRM, of the company or business, the patient can be quickly identified with all his health file, shifts, treatments and exams; which helps personalize care.


In law firms that have several branches, the cloud telephony allows conferences with multiple participants, always with LOCAL COSTS, and can also record communications to have a record. And in accounting firms, this technology is also being well received thanks to the possibility of moderating expenses and managing exhaustive information. In this case, the cloud telephony service provides the possibility of having a record of calls, of issuing detailed reports and having recordings in case of eventual needs.

In any of these cases, VoIP telephony can make a world of difference. Obviously, when choosing a company it is always possible to resort to the VoIP service from AT&T, Telcel or another, as well as the Asterisk VoIP or SIP VoIP solutions.

But the solutions of specialized providers with hosting in the cloud, add a differential value.

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