How to Retain Talent : Corporate Labor Commitment

Achieving the work commitment of employees for most employers means a real challenge to meet.

We are in an incredibly unique time, the workforce is scarce, and finding and retaining talent is truly becoming mission impossible.

When commitment is achieved within the company from both the employee and the employer, the improvement in employee performance is notable and the work environment improves substantially.

For this, it is essential to work on the selection processes and training programs, not only technical training but also training focused on providing tools to promote teamwork and improve the work environment. In this way we will be able to optimize processes more quickly and connect the interests of the company with those of the employees. Therefore, it is extremely important to work on the work commitment of the employees, giving them everything they need to foster a good relationship and excellent performance.

For this reason, and without pretensions, we have prepared what we could call a guide to the factors to take into account and the issues that we consider essential to maintain your work team and if we can motivate you much better.

What is the Labor or Business Commitment?

Business commitment or work commitment is understood as the level or degree of enthusiasm that an employee has towards their corresponding activities in a work environment. So to speak, the sense of responsibility of a person towards the objectives of the company or organization to which he belongs.

And that is exactly the level that any company would expect from its employees.

But the most ambitious goals are achieved with effort, perseverance, persistence and, of course, with great dedication. As we already know, all this is not achieved overnight.

The most common is that a person develops these qualities over the years. This also happens in the same way with large organizations.

If a company or organization expects its employees to give the best of themselves and perform in the best way, it will first have to provide a very good work environment and thus increase the employee’s commitment to their tasks.

On the other hand, we must be very clear that commitment and participation are different things, although there is a relationship.

  1. Commitment: Employees who are engaged are shown to be engaged through their emotional connection to their workplace.
  2. Participation: It is the materialization of these emotions towards the direct results of the company.

Examples of what an employee with great commitment and work participation looks like?

He is attentive, committed, efficient, energetic, productive and, above all, respectful of the interests of the company and his work team. Although both terms are used individually and are different, there is a correlation between them.

What is the Importance of Commitment to the Company?

As we already mentioned, there are multiple reasons why work commitment is important.

One of the main ones is that this will allow the company or organization to meet its goals and adjust to its vision. Without a motivated team, an organization could destroy everything it has built over the years (such as its reputation in the market).

The satisfaction of the employees of a company is associated with the high work commitment they will have in it. Greater productivity and profitability. Finally, you will have greater employee retention, improving the work environment.

An organization with unmotivated and disengaged employees is in a risky position. This is why employee retention has become both a real problem and a solution if they feel comfortable and valued.

Some symptoms of this labor disaster are:

  • Lack of commitments such as absences or late arrivals.
  • Employees prefer and constantly state that they prefer to spend time doing leisure activities and not going to work.
  • Apathy when it comes to serving customers.
  • Constant search for other job opportunities.

If you are here today, it is surely because you want to improve this situation with one of your employees or with yourself.

How to Demonstrate Commitment to your Company?

If the employment conditions are not the best, it can lead to a disengagement of the employee towards the work commitment. But not only that.

Here we will show you some of the situations that can result in poor staff performance. In this way, act to remedy it:

  • Acting insecurely or assertively (vague or lack of orders)
  • Overwork employees
  • Employees without necessary equipment
  • Change the way you work too often
  • Humiliating: disrespecting employees with derogatory or abusive words
  • Impose unrealistic deadlines
  • Show preference towards a team member
  • Inciting competition instead of fostering teamwork
  • Authority abuse
  • Show distrust towards employees.

There will always be safe measures to achieve positive and almost immediate changes.

Build a Strong Team

Teamwork drives great organizations to achieve goals. Working together and in order results in long and complicated tasks being easy and achievable. Overall performance will also depend on how well you get along with each other.

But how to know?

They may already be communicating it in some way or another. Directly or indirectly.
If no one has raised their voice about an issue within the office, you can always use surveys or other tools to listen and value employees.

If things are not working in your company, if the numbers do not work out, STOP and rethink what is happening, do not let time pass because the more time passes, the more difficult it will be to solve it.

Let the employee see what you expect to receive

Most of the employees expect or seek to be part of something important associated with the organization of which they are a part.

Therefore, it is very important to clearly and concisely communicate the vision and goals to be achieved, in this way the employees will know what to offer and what is expected of them.

Clarity when communicating a thought is essential.

Promotes Transparency

It is crucial that there is total transparency in a company. Promotes the free participation of employees in discussions or important decisions, always respecting opinions and taking into account every detail that can contribute to the organization.

This will make the employee feel part of it, trustworthy and therefore increase work commitment.

Promotes Freedom of Expression

One of the ways to promote open communication is the open door policy that allows direct communication between managers and collaborators in order to be aware of each conflict and resolve them effectively

It is important that organizations have an open mind when receiving these opinions, to understand exactly where they are failing or failing to comply with the employee perspective, without criticizing those who have provided their views.

And this is not just about keeping the information; but in applying them with changes. There are leading companies in this area at a national level, such as  Arbaiza Quevedo Consultoría , that help us create the instances (specific days and times) and work on active listening with our employees with the consequent benefit of the parties, among many other things.

Strengthens Work Ethics

The work ethic is not only how the employee feels about his work, but also the seriousness and commitment with which he takes his activities and tasks.

This encompasses; behavior, attitude and respect towards others. As well as integrity, transparency and a sense of responsibility. It is necessary to set an example before the employees first.

Encourage to innovate

Allowing employees to contribute ideas, strategies and plans stimulates the desire to constantly seek improvement, even if it is simple tasks. It also helps to provide opportunities for training and learning.

And don’t forget to credit each responsible person for their input.

This may be incentive enough to make them happy, no matter their role.

Although remember that not all people will have the same motivating factor.

You can guarantee a prosperous business, with motivated employees, who feel valued, important for the company and for the project, make them feel heard, and listen to them, many times they have the answer. Support them in difficult times and of course make them part of the company’s successes by celebrating with them.

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