How to Start the Day to Be More Productive

The modern and conscientious professional cares about being more productive. It is that being productive is what separates us from not meeting the stated objectives of actually meeting them with great success. But reaching a state of productivity, day after day, is not an easy task.

On the contrary, it is one of the greatest challenges that professionals in all sectors face.

The origin of the problem is that being productive or not depends a lot on our physical and mental state, something that goes beyond the professional and resides directly in the personal sphere.

That is why the mission to be more productive begins with the day, before arriving at the office. From the moment we open our eyes early in the morning, we have to make the right decisions that benefit our state of productivity.

At shortnews247 we want our members to feel better and achieve more. For this reason, today we dedicate a few lines to productivity, focusing on actionable and practical tips that you can apply from tomorrow.

Prioritizing Effectively

When you think in the morning about the things you have to do, don’t focus on the long to-do list that you have in your mind or written somewhere. Yes, it seems to be inevitable to think about all those things that we have to do but worrying about the whole list will bring us problems.

The solution is to prioritize. Not all the tasks we have to do are the same: not all of them will bring us the same amount of benefits, not all of them will take us the same time to complete them, not all of them require the same amount of energy and dedication.

For this reason, we must prioritize tasks effectively when we wake up in the morning. Choose the three most important pending and think of them as the only thing that you have to do of great importance during the morning that lies ahead. Dare to prioritize that slope that is more difficult for you and that you have feared so much for weeks (or months).

Once you have fulfilled these three priorities, and if you still have hours left in the day, choose three more and focus all your attention and energy on them.

Identify the Ideal Hours for Productivity

For most professionals, not every day is good in terms of energy, focus and enthusiasm. We have ups and downs throughout the day. Some give their best in the mornings and experience terrible afternoons of fatigue. Others experience the day exactly the other way around.

Everyone is different. The trick is to pay attention to the times when we have the most energy and are most alert. This comes in handy to assign the most difficult and demanding tasks to these hours.

Plan Breaks Within the Routine

Your daily planning should not be characterized by a constant and endless obstruction of slopes that collide with each other. Every once in a while, it’s important to set aside a few minutes to take a deep breath and gather your energy. Or just to think, it is necessary to reserve time to think in this way we will be more focused and somewhat more relaxed. We recommend 10 to 15 minutes a day just to think.

For many this is inapplicable. “With everything I have to do, it is impossible to lose time”, they will think. The reality is that when we sacrifice a few minutes of rest to continue working without stopping, what we are really doing is making a counterproductive decision.

Our mind cannot stay alert and productive for too long at a time. It requires short breaks and where we can regain focus. Without these breaks, we are not more productive, but instead waste the limited mental resources we have.

But impromptu breaks are also not good for productivity. That is why including them in our planning as unbreakable blocks is always a good idea.

Avoid Reaction from the First Moment

Are you one of those who gets out of bed to check email and respond to what you consider “urgent”? Do you interrupt a priority task to answer a call or check a mobile notification?

The reaction is the order of the day. We are surrounded by devices that cry out for attention and interaction on our part. Emails, calls, text messages, social media notifications – these are all signs that lead us to take an unplanned and unprofitable action that then tragically becomes a bad habit.

Be aware of your reactions and how they affect your productivity and work status. Start with the morning habit of answering emails during the first hour of the day or wasting ten minutes on Facebook aimlessly.

Getting carried away by reactions is exactly antagonistic to being productive. The first step is to identify them, then work to avoid them.

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