Leadership: How to Be a Better Leader in 2022

You will ask yourself, How to be a better leader in 2022? Projects and companies need leaders and maybe you are one of them and you still don’t know it.

In a world in constant change, millions of initiatives surround us but few prosper. Project and team leadership is essential to develop great ideas that without your leadership hardly get ahead.

What skills are necessary to be a good leader? This is one of the most important questions that arise when we meditate on how to be a better leader in 2022. We share with you some of them that make a difference: listening skills, humility, knowing how to delegate, connecting with people, internal and external balance, agility in decision making, openness to learning, vision of the future and intuition.

How to Be a Better Leader, Key by Key

All these skills are what lead a leader to a high level of performance with his team and the key is in the dynamics of interaction that it is capable of creating among its members.

The defining trait of a high-performing team is the connectivity between its members and the action that really manages to achieve this result is listening. Is about effective listening based on two skills.

The first competence is the ability to understand someone other than myself, whom I listen to with respect; I try to get closer and get to know his point of view, his expectations, his world of possibilities, his way of channeling a situation. It is a listening that seeks to understand the other without the need to share.

The second competition is openness to transformation; the words of the other have the power to transform me and make me see what I did not see, open myself to what was previously closed, and act in a way that was previously impossible for me. This is a fundamental trait of connectedness, the ability to influence each other through listening. In this case, not only do I understand you but I change my opinion in the face of your opinion and I can even transform ways of being in front of the team.

Communication as a Fundamental Element

To achieve this listening, another basic ingredient arises in communication, which is He speaks. The way in which I convey my message, the words I express, the judgments I make, the statements I make, the promises I keep, the way I delegate responsibilities, the way we make decisions. Each and every one of my words and my silences attract your listening or reject it.

Non-verbal communication plays a very important role in the dynamics of interaction of the leader with his team. Words and listening are accompanied by body postures that when they are not adopted properly, the message I want to convey does not arrive clearly enough and generates confusion.

The answer to how to be a better leader in 2022 often boils down to the quality of our communication with ourselves and with others.

Positive Spaces for the Work Team

The other action that is conditional for there to be connectivity in a team is the positivity rate of the same. We translate that positivity rate as the leader’s ability to generate spaces based on respect between people, not on constant invalidation; an emotionality characterized by the acceptance of the events that occurred in the past against the resentment of what cannot be changed and generates blockages; in ambition in the face of future challenges in the face of resignation and apathy. A leader must have the ability to identify and legitimize those positive emotions to create spaces for expansion and growth.

Definitely, a leader who from humility generates connectivity between the members of a team through of conversation design high quality. Conversations open possibilities, generate agreements, solve problems, make decisions and connect people with the purpose of the organization.

Which of these competencies do you need to develop to be a good leader? The good news is that they can all be learned!

Becoming Leaders of the Future

Communication: the fundamental element with the greatest impact on the well-being and productivity of your team. As a leader, it is your duty to expand and hone your communication skills. It is your goal in the role you have within the team. You can’t help but wonder how to be a better leader in 2022.

However, the challenges are plentiful. We have to make an effort, to train ourselves, we have to take a good look at where we can improve and choose the best resources to do so.

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