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Lunar Eclipse 2024: Lunar Eclipse is going to take place on March 25, 2024 almost across the world except India and few other countries. It is a great opportunity for the astronomy lovers to witness this rare celestial event on the day of Holi. So, we are here to talk about the Do’s and Don’ts you must follow during Chandra Grahan whether you are in India or outside India.
Lunar Eclipse 2024: Do’s
1. Taking Bath: One must take bath before and after the Eclipse. It is believed that it cleanses your body and removes all the negative effects of Chandra Grahan. If you have Gangajal at home then you must put some drops of Gangajal before filling your bucket with water and then take bath and you should repeat this process even after the Eclipse ends.
2. Mantra Chanting: One must get involved in Mantra Chanting as it creates positivity around you. It helps keeping your mind quiet and calm. People who bad placement of Moon
3. Eat Sattvik Food: People are advised to eat only sattvik food post Eclipse as this type of food is light and healthy.
4. Read sacred scriptures: People should spend their time in reading some holy books or sacred scriptures as this gives clarity in thoughts and also removes negative thoughts.
5. Donate or Charity: People should give white sesame seeds and wheat flour to needy people as it removes the Moon Dosha from horoscope.
6. Use of Basil Leaves: Peop,e are advised to put Tulsi dal in eatables as it wont catch the negativity of Chandra Grahan if you put Tulsi Patra in food.
Lunar Eclipse 2024: Don’ts
1. Avoid Eating: People are advised to eat and drink during the Eclipse period as it is considered inauspicious to eat anything as the food consume the negative energy of Lunar Eclipse and food becomes full of negativity.
2. Use Sharp Objects: Do not use sharp objects during the Moon Eclipse as it is a symbolic of negativity.
3. Do not Sleep during Eclipse: Sleeping during Eclipse period is considered inauspicious so one must avoid sleeping as they might encounter bad dreams during the sleep which can scare them.
4. Avoid fighting: You are advised to fight during the Eclipse time as it can make you feel anxious and stressed and you might face some anxiety issues during that time.
5. Avoid cooking: People are advised to cook food during that time as it can catch all the negativity of Lunar Eclipse and eating contaminated food can make you negative.
1. Om Chandraye Namah..!!
2. Om Namo Bhagvate Namah..!!
3. Om Sam Sreem Srom Saha Chandramase Namah..!!


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