Man Claims Hard Work Can Never Beat Generational Wealth, Twitter Doesn’t Agree

Last Updated: May 10, 2023, 19:42 IST

A Twitter account’s comment on inherited wealth has sparked a discussion.

Many Twitter users disagreed with the idea that inherited wealth is more valuable than hard work.

It’s a never-ending debate about the role of hard work in attaining success versus the impact of generational wealth. Many people have claimed that hard work triumphs over every circumstance. Others believe that generational wealth is the biggest factor when it comes to making it big in life. Even the film industry has not been spared from the issue with people often lambasting star kids for seemingly having it easier than other actors. Confused about why we are pitting determination and inherited wealth against each other? Well, a Twitter account started the discussion by claiming that nothing can beat generational wealth. What followed next was a debate to beat all others.

Before we get ahead of ourselves and show you the best replies, take a look at what the tweet that kicked off the storm was. A Twitter user named Shubham Sharma claimed, “Right now, I am entirely convinced no matter how hard you work, you can never beat generational wealth”.

The remark sparked a debate on Twitter, as many users vehemently disagreed with the message. “Totally disagree,” an account commented.

“Don’t agree completely. Might be true to a certain extent. But even generational wealth does not come easy. It involves taking risks, long term planning and hard work,” a comment read.

A few claimed that even generational wealth was the creation of someone’s efforts.

Some people did not fail to mention how luck factors in anyone’s success.

“Concept of wealth is to accumulate it for future generations. Everyone wants a better life for their kids than their own. Generational wealth not only comes with bank balance but also with networks, early initiation to the industry, already laid down procedures etc,” a user wrote.

Some people questioned the logic of the tweet. “That’s like saying no matter how hard people work in India, they are never going to beat the Brits,” a user wrote.

A few people had a Zen attitude to the discussion and said that people must work hard without any thought about the results.

Others stated that any achievement is a combination of luck and hard work.

It seems like the discussion is yet to end. The tweet has made people pick sides and advocate for their viewpoints. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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