Meet Bobi, World’s Oldest Dog Who Just Turned 31

Last Updated: May 12, 2023, 11:39 IST

Bobi’s birthday bash will have 100 guests in attendance. (Credits: guinnessworldrecords)

Bobi, the Rafeiro do Alentejos, defies life expectancy with his owner Leonal crediting his longevity to peaceful environment.

Bobi, the world’s oldest living dog, just turned 31 and he knows how to paw-ty! His owner, Leonel Costa, is going all out to make his furry friend’s birthday special with a birthday bash in Portugal. Bobi, a purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo, holds the Guinness World Records title of the oldest living dog. Leonel Costa has organised a birthday bash this weekend and invited friends, family, and four-legged companions from all over the world for his furry friend.

An estimated 100 guests will attend the function, which is sure to serve delicious food. Moreover, to add up to the entertainment factor a dance troupe has also been invited. It was in February 2023, when Bobi officially dethroned Spike, a Chihuahua from Ohio, to claim the oldest dog title. According to the world record, the pooch also broke a century-old record earned by Bluey, an Australian cattle dog who lived for 29 years and 5 months between 1910-1939.

It is reported that Bobi was registered with the Veterinary Medical Service of the Municipality of Leiria back in 1992, the organization which confirmed the pooch’s date of birth to Guinness. In addition to this, the dog’s age was also verified by SIAC, an authorized pet database managed by the Portuguese government. Reportedly, Bobi has spent his entire life with the Costa family in a rural Portugal village. The Portuguese breed has an average life expectancy of about 12-14 years but owner Leonal believes the secret to his long life lies in the calm and peaceful environment away from the cities.

The owner claims the pooch has never been chained or leashed and has the freedom to wander in the nearby forest and farmed areas. He reportedly grew up in a cordial environment with other animals. However, owing to his age, the dog has stopped his frequent exploits in the village. He prefers hanging out in the backyard rather than taking a walk. Leonel added Bobi’s eyesight has worsened too.

For his diet, Bobi has always eaten human food. “Between a can of animal food or a piece of meat, Bobi doesn’t hesitate and chooses our food,” revealed Leonel. But the owner makes sure to soak the food in water before serving it to the pooch to remove the seasonings. In addition to this, Leonel supervises that Bobi at least drinks about one litre of water every day.

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