Motor Vehicle Aggregator Scheme 2023 Approved by Delhi CM, Here’s All You Need to Know

Last Updated: May 11, 2023, 09:08 IST

Electric Vehicles (Photo: IANS)

The approval of the scheme signifies the government’s commitment to passenger safety, environmental sustainability, and the promotion of electric vehicles

In a groundbreaking move, the Delhi Government has given its much-awaited approval to the Motor Vehicle Aggregator Scheme 2023, a game-changing regulation set to transform the cab-aggregator and delivery service industry in the capital city.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, after granting his seal of approval to the draft scheme on Wednesday, has forwarded it to the Delhi Lieutenant Governor for further consideration. Following the crucial step, the draft will undergo a thorough scrutiny process by the Transport Department, inviting public feedback and comments, before reaching its final version.

The visionary CM, Arvind Kejriwal, expressed his unwavering support for the Motor Vehicle Aggregator Scheme 2023, emphasizing its paramount importance in setting the stage for comprehensive regulation of aggregators and delivery service providers in Delhi.

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“With this groundbreaking scheme, we are placing the safety of passengers at the forefront and ensuring swift resolution of grievances. Simultaneously, we are driving the adoption of electric vehicles, heralding a new era of reduced pollution levels in our beloved city,” proclaimed Kejriwal.

Delving deeper into the rationale behind the scheme, the CM elucidated how the transition to electric vehicles and the promotion of electric bike taxis will effectively combat pollution in Delhi, while simultaneously unlocking fresh employment opportunities and fostering robust economic growth.

The Motor Vehicle Aggregator Scheme 2023 will encompass all individuals or entities engaged in the operation, onboarding, or management of a fleet of motor vehicles through digital or electronic platforms, or any other means, facilitating passenger transportation or enabling drivers to deliver or collect products, couriers, packages, or parcels from sellers, e-commerce entities, or consignors.

With the implementation of this revolutionary scheme, the Delhi Government aims to streamline and elevate the standards of cab-aggregators and delivery service providers, fostering a safer and greener environment for all. The future of transportation in the capital city looks brighter than ever, as the Motor Vehicle Aggregator Scheme 2023 propels us towards a progressive and sustainable tomorrow.

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