RHOC star Meghan King consults a psychic about Kate Middleton, who says, ‘something is wrong..


The Real Housewives of Orange County alum Meghan King revealed she consulted a psychic to dig into Kate Middleton’s public absence. In January, the princess underwent abdominal surgery, after which she avoided making any public appearances. Her absence from the public eye led to numerous conspiracy theories and fake articles circulating about her whereabouts, while the palace remained silent. With everyone eager to know Catherine’s whereabouts, Meghan King’s curiosity is no exception.

Meghan King consults psychic to uncover Kate Middleton’s absence(Pic credit: Meghan King’s instagram, (Anthony Upton/Pool via REUTERS/File Photo)(via REUTERS))

Meghan King seeks psychic help to solve Kate Middleton’s mystery

“I have a Kate update for you,” Meghan King shared an Instagram update on Wednesday. She continued, “I know none of you would put this past me, but I got a psychic to really dig into this because no one really knows anything at all,” she continued. This comes on the heels of a major editing scandal in which Kate took a photo with her three children on Mother’s Day for what was supposed to be a ‘perfect’ family portrait. News agencies around the world immediately issued a ‘Kill’ notice, saying the photo was ‘tampered with’ and ‘grossly edited’. The situation escalated further when Kate issued a statement taking full responsibility for the photo, which was a surprising move for a princess.

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“It’s all conspiracy theory, and what I’m about to tell you is for entertainment purposes only. I don’t know what I’m talking about,” clarified Meghan, stating that she spoke to her psychic, who had a lot to say about the Princess of Wales, suggesting that something unplanned may have occurred during her surgery. The RHOC star said that the Psychic told her “something went wrong” and “that something else came up” like an “unknown pregnancy or internal bleeding.”

King also mentioned that, as per the psychic’s insights, “She had mainly just an emotional affair probably — maybe some kissing — nothing sexual and it was with a man maybe in a colonel’s uniform or something — but not the guy who died,” referring to her sister Pippa’s former partner, Thomas Kingston. Despite the rumors and controversy surrounding the Prince and Princess of Wales, the psychic assured that Kate would “return” very soon and be “better than ever.”

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Kate Middleton and the swirling conspiracy theories

Insiders close to the palace believe that the princess will make a comeback soon as she needs time to heal. They assert that she will speak on her own terms and not due to any pressure from ridiculous claims. The sources also emphasize that Prince William is fiercely protective of his family’s privacy and will not tolerate intrusions. On the other hand, numerous journalists and experts speculate that the woman recently seen in the Windsor Farm video was a lookalike of Kate.


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