Lloyds Enterprises: Up 2337%, this penny stock turned ₹1 lakh into ₹24 lakh in 4 years

[ad_1] Penny stock Lloyds Enterprises has posted multibagger returns in the last 4 years, rising from ₹1.19 in March 2020 to around ₹28.8 currently. This implies a return of almost 2337%. An investment of ₹1 lakh in this stock in March 2020 would have turned into over ₹24 lakh now. Lloyds Enterprises Limited trades in iron and steel products in India. It also designs and manufactures heavy equipment, machinery,…

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World Oral Health Day: How insurance can serve as collateral for secured loans?

[ad_1] The importance of oral health cannot be overstated, as it not only affects our physical well-being but also our overall quality of life. World Oral Health Day is celebrated annually on March 20th to raise awareness about the importance of maintaining good oral health practices.  Access to quality dental care can be a challenge for many people, having insurance can make a huge difference in ensuring that individuals…

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