The 5 most functional Business Communication channels

Communication is vital anywhere and it is one of the needs we have as social beings, it allows you to establish contact with the people around you. Transmit information, share and exchange ideas in order to enhance our objectives and/or needs.  To be able to transmit any message to a receiver, it is necessary that we have established which channel we will use , of course this depends on the type of communication we seek to establish.

In the case of business communication, internal communication is essential to establish an understanding and correct functioning of the organization , this will make you have a better organized and effective administration of all staff, it will make the work environment healthier and friendlier, and as such, it will result in a more effective and functional external communication. For all this to happen, first of all communication channels must be established regardless of whether they are informal or formal.

There are three main media channels for business communication:

  • Written channels(such as surveys, manuals or internal communications).
  • Oral channels(such as meetings, phone calls, or personal conversations).
  • Technological or digital channels(such as chat, social networks, or emails).

The written and oral channels are more traditional, and although the digital channels merge some of the elements of the previous channels, they have become an essential component in business communication.

Technological channels are undoubtedly the widest and most varied channel. They have opened a panorama of possibilities in the internal communication of organizations, optimizing it and making it more effective and functional. There are endless technological channels, and more are being invented every day, however there are digital business communication channels that are more efficient and easier to use. Here we tell you all about them.


The 5 main channels for a more functional business communication:

  • Electronic Mail
    This communication channel is the most widely used means of organizational communication, since although it seems that sending and receiving emails is its only function, emails have currently exploited their possibilities. You canmanage and receive tasks , you can share various files and connect them with your contacts , you can communicate different processes to keep track of them . In addition, emails can be used as the main means of business information ; holidays, new staff, conferences, notices or announcements, etc.
  • The Intranet
    It is a channel that usually brings together many others with different functions , it is one of the most used tools for business communication, since it generates in users a feeling of corporate belonging , which makes it work as a motivator. Many companies use it as a means of personalized business information, it is a tool that can be adjusted to the user’s needs, can be managed in real time and promotes interactivity.
  • Corporate Social Networks
    Internal chats, groups, instant messages or any corporate social networkallow you to streamline the transfer of information between colleagues or specific work groups. More and more companies use these means, since the communication between the organization and the employees is more flexible, immediate and continuous. It allows you to manage how the work groups will be and send messages to someone in particular, whether urgent or not, but avoiding the uncomfortable interruptions that are made with calls, while remaining optimal and personalized.
    Some of them are; Slack, Skype, Microsoft Team, etc.
  • Video Conferences
    If your work team is not physically in the same place where you usually work… This tool is for you!
    In companies where their employees are distributed nationally or internationally, direct communication is very necessary,this tool facilitates communication between teams that work remotely. It can also be used to hold exhibitions, conferences, meetings or video calls with clients, this will generate greater clarity and assertiveness in internal and external communication.
  • Business Magazine or Blog
    This channel is one of the most versatile and friendly with employees, it is an excellent way of communicating within the company, since itcan be adapted to the sections or content that one wishes. The quality of each of the contents and the possibility of feedback is essential with this medium.
    It is generally used to communicate: corporate news, answers to doubts in work processes, suggestion sections to listen to employees, training, informative content and even interactive content such as coexistence activities, business events, games, etc.

We hope that these 5 communication channels will help you convey the message or information you need in an appropriate and assertive manner. Remember that it is important to implement a business communication system that allows you to maintain a two-way interaction with your employees . As an organization, you cannot only seek to be heard, but you must also listen.

Our collaborators need to be heard, only then can you maintain continuous growth in the organization.

So choose the right channel according to your organization and the needs of your collaborators, seeking to generate effective business communication that improves the feeling of belonging in the team and motivates interpersonal and group relationships.

If your employee is satisfied, not only will it be reflected in their work but they will know how to communicate it to the outside world, this will allow you to save resources and time, generating an improvement in corporate results.

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