The Top 7 Traits Of Highly Empathetic People

Feeling and absorbing other people’s feelings are characteristics of highly empathetic people. This is due to their high sensitivity. These people filter the world through their intuition and find it difficult to rationalize their feelings.

When empathetic people are overwhelmed by stressful emotions, they can experience panic attacks, depression, chronic fatigue, binge eating, or other physical complaints that doctors cannot diagnose.

But when you are so empathetic, you can learn to ground yourself so that you don’t get overwhelmed so easily. The first step is to recognize that you are very empathetic. Below you see 7 character traits that are typical of people who are extremely empathetic.

1 Highly empathetic people are highly sensitive Empathic people
are open, generous and good listeners. Through thick and thin, these people will continue to support you. But they are also easily hurt. In addition, they often hear that they are too sensitive and that they need to be tougher.

2 Highly empathetic people absorb other people’s emotions
They are very sensitive to other people’s moods (good and bad). They feel everything, sometimes even to the extreme because it can be very tiring. But when they are in a loving and calm environment, they flourish.

3 Many highly empathetic people are introverted
They are easily overwhelmed in a large crowd of people. They often prefer one-on-one contact or small groups of people. Even highly empathetic people who are extroverted need time to calmly recharge after being surrounded by other people.

4 Highly empathetic people have well-developed intuition
Empathetic people experience the world through their intuition. When they have to make decisions, they listen to their feelings. This helps them meet positive people and stay away from energy suckers.

5 Highly Empathetic People Need Time to Themselves
Being huge feeling sponges, empathetic people need time to recharge after being with other people. They love to recharge in nature, for example by walking, cycling or running.

6 Empathetic People Can Get Overwhelmed In Love Relationships
Being in a relationship can be difficult for someone so empathetic. Because they understand so well what the other person needs, it is possible that they efface themselves and lose their own identity.

7 Highly empathetic people have big hearts but sometimes give too much
They like to help others, relieve the pain for others. The feel the pain of a sad child, a homeless person, a friend who is having a hard time. Of course everyone finds it difficult to see other people in pain, but highly empathetic people go a step further. They take the pain of others home and keep worrying about it.

So try to guard your boundaries well. Stay in touch with your feelings, for example through yoga or meditation, and keep feeling what is important to you. If you are empathetic then you have special needs, give in to these needs and take care of yourself.

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