They vote before getting hitched

For many, their wedding dates were fixed much before the Election Commission decided on the date of the Assembly elections in Karnataka. However, not all decided to let go of the opportunity to get inked before getting married. Grooms and brides all dressed up were seen at their respective polling booths to exercise their vote on their wedding day.

Sahil Dhariwal, son of a trader, dressed in his wedding attire, cast his vote with his parents at Basavanagudi constituency.

Melita Soras, a bride from Udupi’s Kapu constituency, arrived at the polling booth in a white gown.

Sagar in Shivamogga witnessed a bridegroom, Vinod, arriving at the polling booth to cast his vote just moments before he got hitched to Pallavi.

Many other polling booths too welcomed ‘nuptial voters’, some walking in with family members just before their wedding, while others after the ceremony with their spouses.

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