This Elderly Woman’s Bond With Her Cat Is Pure Gold

Last Updated: May 10, 2023, 13:31 IST

The cat takes a nap on the woman’s lap. (Credits: instagram/

Jaggu, the cat, and his elderly owner share a heartwarming moment of pure affection in this viral clip.

Something about the bond between a cat and its human just tugs at the heartstrings. And when it comes to the relationship between Jaggu the cat and his elderly human companion, it’s a love story that is simply too sweet to ignore. On the popular Instagram page “Jaggu Patil,” the daily life of this adorable white cat is documented for all to see, and in a recent video, Jaggu’s bond with his elderly lady friend is on full display. Jaggu, the adorable white cat, has been taking Instagram by storm with his daily shenanigans and charming antics. With a growing fan base, Jaggu’s every move is documented on his Instagram page.

In the video, Jaggu is seen snoozing peacefully on the lap of the elderly woman, while she pets him lovingly. The pair share a beautiful bond, with the woman treating Jaggu as if he were her own child. It is evident from the video that Jaggu feels comfortable and safe in her company. In the next shot, Jaggu is seen keeping the woman company while she cooks. He sits patiently, watching her every move and occasionally looking up to give her a reassuring meow. The woman plants a gentle kiss on Jaggu, and the two share a moment of pure affection. “The definition of true love is a ‘Mother’,” the caption read.

This heartwarming video has been shared widely across social media platforms, with animal lovers gushing over the special bond between the white cat and the elderly lady. Many have praised the video for capturing the essence of the relationship between animals and humans and highlighting the positive impact pets can have on our lives. “He has the haircut of the quintessential mumma’s boy,” read a comment.

A user wrote, “This is adorable. Do share more.”

“Honestly only Indian mothers can love pets like this, the love that Gods also want,” commented another user.

It is not that our furry companions only take our love. They give it back in equal measure. A video has gone viral on social media, showing a young girl receiving a back massage from her pet cat, while her mother records the scene. The cat is seen kneading its paws on the girl’s back as she lies on her stomach. The mother who posted the video expressed her surprise, as her daughter called out to her to come see what was happening. At one point, the cat looks up at the mother, seemingly questioning the interruption. The caption “Cat: ‘How’s the pressure?'” perfectly captures the humorous moment.

Social media users remarked they were envious of such an adorable masseuse and wanted one for themselves.

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