This is how you wash cheaper and more environmentally friendly

Every year about 180 laundry items are performed per household. Nowadays there are many different washing programs, each with its own setting and function. But what is actually the cheapest and most environmentally friendly way to do this? We looked it up for you.

The colder the better

In addition to clean laundry, you often want to go for the cheapest possible program. For example, a wash at 30 degrees costs 14 cents per turn. The hotter you set the machine, the more expensive it gets. If there are no large or difficult-to-wash stains in the clothing, it is best to simply wash at 30 degrees.

Tip: do not throw clothes that still look clean after a day in the wash. It is usually enough to let a pair of pants or sweater hang out for a while.

A cheap program

Another way in which people think they can save is a shortened washing cycle, but that is actually not cheaper at all. The machine has to work a lot harder to get the laundry clean in a shorter time. As a result, it consumes a lot more energy. Washing for longer and colder is therefore not only better for your wallet, but also for the environment.

Before turning on the machine, always check the program. For example, the delicates program uses much more electricity and water than cottons. In addition, it is also better for the machine if you only wash when the drum is full. This also ensures that you do less laundry, which also saves you money. 

Tip: hang white laundry in the sun when you let it dry, this will bleach it more and the pieces will be radiant white again.

Wash with nuts

There are also several environmentally friendly alternatives for detergent, such as soapnuts. These grow on the soapnut tree and contain saponin. This basically works like soap. It has cleansing and antibacterial properties that are released when it comes into contact with water.

For a good cleaning you need about 4 to 5 nuts, which you then put in a cotton bag or a sock and place with the laundry. If you wash at 30 to 40 degrees, you can do about three times with one bag. The higher the temperature at which you wash, the less long the nuts will last. Are the notes worked out? Then they can simply go on the compost heap or in the bio bin.

An egg is part of… the laundry?

Do you want to wash even easier and more environmentally friendly? Then you can also use an Eco Egg. These eggs contain mineral pearls in two shades, dark and white. The dark balls contain tourmaline, which ensures that the dirt is soaked loose. The white ones ensure that the oxygen molecules are ionized and the dirt removed.

An additional advantage is that these eggs increase the pH value of the water, so that your laundry comes out of the machine softer (without fabric softener). An Eco Egg is good for about 720 washes the first time, with a refill you can wash 210 times.

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