Three decades of alleged Iranian attacks on Israeli targets


PARIS: For more than three decades before Iran launched its unprecedented drone and missile attack on Israel, Tehran had been accused of targeting Israeli interests and individuals abroad.

Here is a look at key attacks blamed on Iran in its long covert war against the regional foe.

2021: Raids at sea

On February 25, 2021, the Israeli-owned vehicle carrier MV Helios Ray was hit by an explosion off the coast of Oman as it was sailing from Saudi Arabia to Singapore, according to maritime security firm Dryad Global.

On March 1, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Iran of being behind the blast. Tehran rejected the accusation and issued a warning to Israel.

On July 29, a naval attack near Oman against an oil tanker managed by an Israeli billionaire’s company killed two people, one British and one Romanian.

Britain, Israel, Romania and the United States all blamed Tehran, which denied any involvement.

2012: Israeli interests abroad targeted

In February 2012, a series of attacks were launched against Israeli targets in Georgia, India and Thailand. Israel accused Tehran of orchestrating them and using operatives from its powerful Lebanese proxy Hezbollah, charges which Iran rejected.

In March, Azerbaijan said it had foiled attacks being planned by Tehran against the Israeli and US embassies in Baku and that it had arrested 22 people suspected of being recruited and trained by Iran. Tehran denied the allegations.

On July 2, Netanyahu denounced “Iranian terrorism without borders” after the arrest and release in Kenya of two Iranians accused of possessing explosives.


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