Udhayanidhi Stalin Sanatana Dharma remark: Ayodhya seer Mahant Paramhans Das announces Rs 10 crore bounty on head of MK Stalin’s son | Lucknow News – Times of India

AYODHYA: Head priest of Ayodhya’s Tapasvi Chhawni Temple, Mahant Paramhans Das, has announced a cash reward of Rs 10 crore for anyone who “beheads” Udhayanidhi Stalin over his ‘anti-Sanatan Dharma’ remark.
When asked where he would arrange the money from, the controversial seer said, “I am the owner of Rs 500 crore and paying Rs 10 crore is nothing for me.” Mahant Paramhans Das has been making news for announcing bounties on the heads of many people in the past. In January this year, he had announced a cash reward of Rs 500 for anyone who would “bring him the head of Samajwadi Party MLC Swami Prasad Maurya for the disrespect shown to Goswami Tulsidas’ Ramcharitmanas”.
Responding to the threat, Maurya had said, “Now if seers and mahants are announcing a bounty on my head, shouldn’t they be called a terrorist?”

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