Ukraine’s Zelenskiy warns of air defence shortage amid Russian attacks – Times of India


NEW DELHI: Ukraine‘s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has issued a stark warning about the country’s air defence capabilities, expressing concerns about a potential shortage of missiles due to Russia’s ongoing bombing campaign. He emphasized the urgent need for more air defence systems, specifically highlighting the requirement for Patriot systems.
“If they keep hitting (Ukraine) every day the way they have for the last month, we might run out of missiles, and the partners know it,” he said in an interview that aired on Ukrainian television.
The recent attacks by Russian forces have resulted in civilian casualties and significant damage to critical infrastructure, including power plants. The situation in Ukraine remains challenging, with the country facing a slowdown in military assistance from the West.
Despite these challenges, Zelenskiy remains optimistic about receiving support from the United States Congress. He said, “We will agree to any options” regarding aid packages, including the possibility of receiving assistance in the form of a loan.
Zelenskiy also mentioned the receipt of artillery shells for defensive operations through foreign initiatives. The interview took place in the Chernihiv region, near the Russian border, where Zelenskiy met with a group of bipartisan members of Congress. The ongoing conflict has seen a shift in momentum, with Ukraine managing to repel enemy advances.
However, the need for additional support and resources is pressing as the country faces continued aggression. The interview, conducted by Ukrainian television, shed light on the critical situation in Ukraine as it navigates the challenges posed by Russian attacks.
Despite the difficulties, Zelenskiy remains resolute in his belief that Ukraine will receive the necessary assistance to defend its sovereignty. The impact of the conflict is evident in the loss of civilian lives and the destruction of vital infrastructure, underscoring the urgent need for international support.
Zelenskiy’s plea for more air defence systems highlights the gravity of the situation faced by Ukraine and the importance of swift action to address the escalating crisis.


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