Video of German Consuls Learning Cricket From Indian Colleagues Will Bring Back Your Childhood Memories

If you ask an Indian about a game that has their heart, most of them would say ‘cricket’. It isn’t a surprise that cricket is an emotion for Indians, who love to play the sport anywhere and everywhere! Be it gully cricket (that occurs in almost every other Street) or cricket on the terrace (yes, that happens!), these enthusiasts can never miss out on the game, matter what! This viral video bases the assumption where Indian officials took it as their responsibility to teach cricket to the German consuls during their lunch break in Bengaluru. The officials taught the game in the consulate itself which reveals their immense love and dedication towards cricket. Even the Germans seemed to enjoy the fun time in the office when they got a break from work.

Achim Burkart, a German Consul for Kerala and Karnataka in Bengaluru, posted the video where two Indian officials bowled to the left-handed foreign batsman one by one. “During lunch break, my Indian colleagues try to teach my German colleagues how to play #cricket Happy to report that the consulate is still intact,” wrote Burkart.

The German officials were being directed by the Indians about cricket while they played the game in the office itself. All of them stood and enjoyed the time as they made the most out of their breaks and got some time to learn and practice something new!

The internet loved their spirit and how it made them reminisce about their childhood days when they used to play cricket with this energy and happiness. While some couldn’t stop sharing their instances related to cricket, others found it simply amazing and refreshing!

“It is a great sport that connects nations sir. An India Germany cricket match would be a wonderful idea to boost tourism and friendly relationships between the 2 countries,” replied a user. Another one said, “Great to see this culture ..”. The viral clip drove the netizens in a major nostalgic drive as they shared about their own childhood experiences. “Many times, during school recess.. book for bat and handkerchief rolled into a ball for ball,” shared a user. Undoubtedly, cricket is not just a game, it’s something else for the Indians!

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