Watch: Hilarious Video of a Man’s Ninja Technique of Bathing in Cold Water

Winter is fast approaching and many of you may be facing the weather blues already. While we bring out the warm clothes and get ready to face the chilly weather that will soon hit us, another ordeal for people who are too vulnerable to cold awaits — bathing during the winter season. While most of us use water heating devices to bathe during the winter season, some may not have such facilities and we can unanimously say that bathing with normal temperature water in winter is nothing short of a nightmare. A comical video that is doing the rounds shows a man dealing with it.

The video is shared by a Twitter handle named Totol Meroket and is aptly captioned in Indonesian, “When you take a shower but the water is cold”. The video shows a man getting ready to take a bath from a bucket of water.

But once he takes a mug full of water, he comically dodges the water every time he tries pouring some water on himself. He pours water from the mug multiple times but dodges the water each time. At the end of the video, he just uses his wet fingers to moist his eyes a bit and exits the washroom. Take a look at the video.

The video has gone viral with about 13,000 retweets. We do not know how this serves his purpose of taking a bath as there is almost no contact with the water but it surely is relatable for people who have to use cold water to bathe during the winter.

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