‘Zelensky, His Inner Circles Have Camouflaged Homes in US’, Claims Russian Official

A Russian MP, wanted by the British police for murdering a former spy in London, has claimed that Kremlin could pursue Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky and his inner circle for the rest of their lives.

Andrei Lugovoi, the Russian lawmaker, said “We have to seek justice on our own” and added that the Ukraine president and his circle should be the first “to climb onto the gallows.”

“Today I reminded Zelensky that history should be remembered,” Lugovoi told a news show as he “recommended” that Zelensky and his allies should read the memoirs of Pavel Sudoplatov.

“Their future is described in there with precision. I believe that we shouldn’t be shy about it. In the future, we have to chase them all over the world,” Lugovoi said, according to Newsweek.

He went on to claim that American and British intelligence had given “sure guarantees” to Zelensky and his circle.

“I’m sure that in California or somewhere else, there are hidden camouflaged homes. (But) for every single one of them where they are planning to spend the rest of their lives… I don’t think that their lives will be very successful or fortunate,” he further said.

Andrei Lugovoi is wanted by the UK police for allegedly murdering Alexander Litvinenko, a former officer with Russia’s intelligence services the KGB and later the Federal Security Service. A British inquiry concluded in 2016 that the murder was ‘probably approved’ by the then-head of the FSB Nikolai Patrushev and President Vladimir Putin.

Lugovoi’s statement comes as the energy system in Ukraine is on the brink of collapse and millions have been subjected to emergency blackouts over recent weeks after systematic Russian bombardments of the grid.

The World Health Organisation has warned of “life-threatening” consequences and estimated that millions could leave their homes as a result.

By Thursday evening, more than 24 hours after the Russian strikes smashed Kyiv, the city’s mayor Vitali Klitschko said 60 percent of homes were still suffering emergency outages.

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