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5 best moments from The Great Indian Kapil Show with Ranbir Kapoor, Neetu Kapoor and Riddhima Kapoor


Kapil Sharma is back! The comedian premiered the first episode of The Great Indian Kapil Show on Netflix on Saturday, with three members of the Kapoor family as his guests. Ranbir Kapoor arrived with mother Neetu Kapoor and sister Riddhima Kapoor Sahani holding on to his arms, and the show turned out to be all about family and hilarious memories. What’s more? Sunil Grover is now Dafli, and it culminated into a hilarious segment with him and Ranbir romancing to Pehle Bhi Main from Animal. Let us take a look at the five best moments. (Also read: Ranbir Kapoor reveals on The Great Indian Kapil Show that Rishi Kapoor hit him hard only once for this reason)

Kapil Sharma, Ranbir Kapoor, Neetu Kapoor, and Riddhima Kapoor Sahani in a still from the first episode of The Great Indian Kapil Show.

Ranbir and Neetu talk about Rishi Kapoor

Neetu revealed how Rishi Kapoor never spoiled Ranbir and Riddhima when they were young and studying abroad. Neetu shared that Rishi used to give just enough money for lunch and dinner. So that would mean that if they splurged on anything extra, then they will have to stay hungry for the rest of the day. “He brought them up very tough and taught them the value of money,” Neetu said.

Meanwhile, Ranbir also shared a funny incident when Rishi was listening to a upcoming director’s script in his car. When the director started with the opening shot and shared that it would have Rishi in an extremely thin and hungry avatar walking behind another character, the actor stopped the car and told the writer to get out!

Ranbir also shared that Rishi was a very religious man and hit him only once when he stepped inside a temple with shoes on.

Ranbir on daughter Raha Kapoor

Ranbir’s one year-old daughter Raha Kapoor was also part of the conversation. Neetu shared that Ranbir does not emote much, but the moment Raha arrives, one should look at his face as it is full of expressions. Ranbir shares that he is an expert at making Raha burp, and that she likes to play with him quite often.

Ranbir and Dafli’s romance

One of the highlights of the show was Sunil Grover’s arrival as Dafli! The actor came inside a huge gift bag and went on to reveal that she is repackaged by Netflix in this new avatar. Initially, she tried to ignore Ranbir because he broke his promise and married someone else, but the next moment, they started to romance in a hilarious fashion in a small toy car. With Pehle Bhi Main from Animal playing in the background, Ranbir and Dafli’s romance had everyone in splits!

Ranbir gifted Neetu’s jewellery to his girlfriends

Ranbir shared that he used to gift jewellery that belonged to Neetu, to many of his girlfriends! Neetu recalled saying to Ranbir about one of his girlfriends, “Arre woh kya pehni he? Ye toh mera hain (What is she wearing? That looks like mine)!” Ranbir joked that in his mind, he thought his girlfriend would eventually become the daughter-in-law of the family so a little of his mother’s jewellery won’t hurt.

Kapil roasts Archana Puran Singh

When Kapil asked who among the three Kapoors is the best at bargaining, they all agreed that it has to be Neetu! Neetu said she feels very good when she bargains 200 from the fish seller! At this point, Kapil pulled Archana Puran Singh’s leg and joked that when she goes to the market, she bargains and if she does not get that price, she takes a dive into the sea and pulls out the fishes!

Neetu could not stop laughing when Kapil added that one time, Archana pulled a crocodile during a hangover, thinking it was a big fish! After she came out, she was like, “That’s a huge fish! Oh my god!”

A new episode of The Great Indian Kapil Show will release every Saturday at 8 pm on Netflix India.

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