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Hyeri addresses ‘very personal’ Ryu Jun Yeol breakup, indirectly clears Han So Hee’s name in apology letter


On March 18, Lee Hye Ri, AKA actress Hyeri, broke her silence on her former 8-year relationship with Reply 1988 co-star Ryu Jun Yeol amid his ongoing dating controversy with Nevertheless actress Han So Hee. K-town dating scandals are at an all-time high as the Ryu Jun Yeol-Han So Hee relationship welcomed heavy scrutiny just days after aespa’s Karina extended her apology for dating actor Lee Jae Wook. The new romance from K-drama land has again incited global discussions, especially with South Korean news outlet Dispatch confirming the brand new couple’s recent Hawaii date trip earlier today. Sandwiched in the mess, Hyeri opened up about her breakup with the Alienoid actor and her feelings regarding his new relationship.

Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol’s breakup mystery resurfaces as she unfollows him amid dating rumors with Han So Hee.(Hyeri- Creative Group ING,Ryu Jun Yeol- C-JeS Studios,Han So Hee-9ATO Entertainment))

The weekend drama has built up, especially due to the couple initially denying the rumours, only for them to be confirmed subsequently. Soon after that, Hyeri followed the trail with a cryptic response on social media, as she wrote “It’s fun” on her Instagram stories and unfollowed Ryu Jun Yeol. On top of that, Han So Hee also went private on the SNS platform to curb the barrage of criticism headed her way. Online discussions speculated that the Alienoid star’s new relationship may have been what extinguished his past love for Hyeri. However, the latter’s latest Instagram post, which she claims to delete soon, addresses the issue head-on, clearing the weighty online gossip.

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Hyeri-Ryu Jun Yeol breakup addressed:

Reports suggest that Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol first crossed paths at a photo exhibition in November, shortly after the official news of his breakup with Hyeri started circulating. However, they eventually clarified that it wasn’t a “love at first sight” scenario and grew to like each other romantically over time. In the meantime, Hyeri’s apology letter also underlines a similar line of action, highlighting that she and Jun Yeol had already broken up when his ties with Han Soo Hee were spotlighted. However, these headlines were outed just four months after they reportedly went separate ways, leading to her initial unfiltered online outcry.

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“I think when I read the news four months later, I received the news as Lee Hyeri, the person rather than the actress,” she wrote in her Instagram caption. She began writing the post by apologising for her initial “emotional” response that seemingly fanned the controversies and speculations that blew out of proportion online. “I would like to sincerely apologise to the people who were affected by my action,” she said, addressing her past remark.

Thereafter, she opened up about her 8-year relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol and how the reports announcing the development had affected her. “The decision to end our relationship wasn’t made quickly, and even after the articles were published, we spoke about further discussing our relationship,” she continued. Ultimately, the Reply 1988 co-stars never spoke or saw each other again despite their initial conversations of patching things up. Hyeri also addressed her silence, stating that their talks were “very personal,” and bringing them up again would cause “more exhaustion.”

Hyeri’s apology letter opens new heated online debate

Hyeri’s post has furthered the online debate that has again turned against Ryu Jun Yeol’s favour. Fans can’t fathom the “unnecessary hate” she’s been receiving after posting “just … 3 words” online about a past relationship in which she was evidently emotionally invested. Another growing side of ‘stan Twitter’ is standing in support of her as well as Han So Hee, especially since both of them have openly addressed the issue at hand. On the other side, Ryu Jun Yeol’s silence on the matter, despite being the common party, has excruciatingly frustrated netizens who are now beginning to refer to him as a”red flag.”

“Universe, please take all of the sadness and pain and diseases and any upcoming sufferings hyeri and her family members and close friends have and give all of them to ryu junyeol,” wrote an X (formerly Twitter) user. Another netizen echoed, “Hyeri and sohee getting lashings back and forth because of a man who is STILL silent about the entire matter oh how i hate men.”

(As of 4:20 pm IST, Hyeri seemingly deleted her post around two hours after it appeared on her profile.)


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