Anita Hassanandani on her physical transformation: Actors do drastic stuff to lose weight, I didn’t want to


Anita H Reddy is back into shape, and how. But it hasn’t been a case where the transformation was sudden- it was gradual, over the last two years. She even took to Instagram recently and shared her experience.

Actor Anita H Reddy

Talking to us, she says it was not easy. “It was definitely difficult, but I also think for all the women- it is just something you have to go through post a child. I didn’t rush through it, I did it at my own pace. I am glad I took that long. I am just a few steps away from my goal,” she gushes.

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She used to weigh 76kgs after the birth of her son, Aaravv in February 2021. Cut to today, she stands at 58kgs. “It took me about two and a half years. Another five kgs I drop, and I am there,” adds the actor.

Feeling the pressure of being a certain shape- did that make her do this? “Being an actor, people are under pressure to do drastic stuff. I was certain I didn’t want to. I wanted to enjoy my pregnancy, then enjoy my timr with my son. Doing it slow was the idea. You have to be mentally ready for everything. Once you have a child, there’s so much your body is going through, hormonal changes, mood changes,” she explains.

And what about the advice from within the fraternity and trolls on social media, we ask further. Hassanandani replies, “When you have a child, nothing really bothers you at that time because you are so busy with the newness of being a mother. Of course you do get bothered with your well being. I just waited it out. Although I do get a lot of messages saying ‘you put on so much weight’ I didn’t feel the pressure from social media. I haven’t really lost weight just because I am an actor.”


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