Arjun Bijlani: My appendix was about to burst, reached hospital just in time


Arjun Bijlani is on the road to recovery after his surgery to remove appendix, and the actor reveals things could have turned fatal if he would not have reached hospital on time. At the moment, he wants to focus on his health and take things slow.

Arjun Bijlani is planning to take it slow now

Last week, the actor shared pictures from hospital on his Instagram account, revealing that he is undergoing a surgery. He followed it up with a health update, writing, “I’m feeling better than yesterday and will be back on my feet and working soon”.

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Talking about the recovery with us, the actor shares, “The recovery is going good. I am at home only, eating light food. Complete detox is happening. It is like my second life because that appendix was so big. It was about to burst. I reached the hospital just in time due to which they got me operated immediately”.

The 41-year-old admits that he used to shrug off the pain as a stomach ache, and got to know about the issue when things went out of control.

“One month back, I had an episode of stomach ache. I stopped the shoot and took some rest in the vanity van after having painkillers. I didn’t think about it much…. This time, when I had a stomach ache, I had the medicine again, but it didn’t give me any relief. That’s when I had to rush to the emergency where I got to know about my appendix. And I was operated on,” he says, adding. “I got saved, even the doctor said this to me. It could have been fatal and worse for me”.

He was scared to get operated on, but he didn’t have any other opinion, as he shares, “I asked doctors if they could give me some tablets. But they refused and told me that I was lucky that it has not burst till now”.

After getting discharged from the hospital, the actor is focusing on his health, and taking it slow.

“I am technically working at the moment. Some close ups were done the day after the surgery, and recently some camera guys came and shot closeups at my place too. But I start shooting on set on Sunday. I will be taking it slow, and not stretching myself. I can’t run, jump, or pick heavy stuff. I am taking it easy. It is about my life and health,” he stresses.

He ends with an advice for everyone, “My advice to people is that if your stomach ache is not going, please get an ultrasound done. Don’t ignore your health. Because I was literally saved in the nick of time”.


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