Celebrity Astrologer Parduman Suri’s financial wisdom: Say no to loans during Navaratri – Times of India


During this Navaratra season, celebrity astrologer Parduman, speaking on ETimes lifestyle channel, extends his wishes for a joyful Navaratri and hopes for happiness, peace, and fame for all. He advises against two common mistakes to avoid financial troubles.
His first advice is crucial: refrain from taking loans during Navaratra. Whether it’s for property, business, car, or house, Parduman stresses that taking any form of loan during this time is unwise.He mentions that around 90% of people make this mistake, believing Navaratra to be an auspicious time for starting new ventures. However, Parduman cautions against this belief, emphasizing that while Navaratra is indeed favorable for new beginnings, it’s not wise to initiate them by taking loans.
He explains that initiating new projects or purchases during Navaratra is fine if the funds are already available, such as if the loan was secured before Navaratra. However, acquiring loans during these nine days could lead to financial trouble, potentially resulting in a debt trap that becomes difficult to repay. Therefore, Parduman advises against any form of loan application, filing, or documentation during Navaratra to steer clear of financial burdens.
Parduman’s advice highlights the importance of being financially prudent during Navaratra. While it’s a time for new beginnings and positive energies, it’s essential to avoid actions that could lead to financial strain. By refraining from taking loans and making careful financial decisions, individuals can ensure that Navaratra brings prosperity and abundance without the risk of falling into debt.


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