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As the festival of colors, Holi, approaches, many believe negative energies are at play. You might have heard stories of people trying to cause harm using magic. But did you know that positive energies are also strong during Holi? Celebrity Astrologer Parduman Suri explains that tapping into these positive energies can bring wealth, fame, and health to your life.
Here are some simple things you can do on Holi to attract positivity:

  • Bring Home a Silver Coin: On Holi, buy a silver coin and keep it at home. This tradition is believed to help get rid of financial problems and bring prosperity. Wrap the coin in red cloth and put it in your locker for extra luck.

  • Welcome Bamboo into Your Home: Before Holi, get a bamboo plant for your home. Bamboo is thought to bring prosperity and keep your family healthy.

  • Light a Two-Faced Lamp: On the day of Holi, light a special lamp with two faces at your front door. It’s believed to invite more money into your life.

  • Offer Prayers to Goddess Lakshmi: If you plan to worship Lord Vishnu, start by praying to Goddess Lakshmi. This sequence is said to enhance the effectiveness of your prayers for abundance.

  • Tie a Sacred Thread: On Holi morning, tie a sacred thread at your front door. It’s a gesture that pleases Goddess Lakshmi and can be made from mango or Ashoka leaves for extra blessings.

  • Visit the Temple: Make sure to visit a temple on Holi and see the idols of Lord Krishna and Radha. It’s believed to strengthen the bond between spouses, like the legendary love of Radha and Krishna.

  • Participate in Holika Burning: Join the tradition of burning Holika the night before Holi. Walking around the fire three times is thought to ward off negative energies and protect against magic.

  • Use Holi Ashes: Bring home some ashes from the Holi fire and mix them with water. Apply this mixture to every corner and door of your house to keep negative energies away.

  • Apply Holika Ash on Your Forehead: Finally, apply the ashes of Holika on your forehead in three lines from left to right. This act, called tripundra, is believed to protect you from enemies and keep you healthy throughout the year.

By following these simple rituals, you can tap into the positive energies of Holi and invite prosperity and protection into your life. As you celebrate the festival with colors and joy, may you also find peace and abundance in the blessings of Holi.


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