Central University of Odisha to establish centre for Ambedkar studies – Times of India


Odisha: The Central University of Odisha has decided to establish a centre for Ambedkar studies in the varsity, which will be dedicated to interdisciplinary research on Ambedkar’s teachings, vice-chancellor Chakradhar Tripathy said. Tripathy informed about the plan during the 134th Birth Anniversary celebration of Babasaheb B R Ambedkar on Sunday.
Reflecting on Ambedkar’s profound influence as a scholar and social reformer, Tripathi highlighted his pivotal role in shaping India’s constitutional framework and advocating for social justice.
He emphasized Ambedkar’s relentless pursuit of an egalitarian society, grounded in principles of rule of law, civil liberties, gender equality, and empowerment of marginalised communities.
Tripathy also said that a statue of Ambedkar will be set up inside the campus, symbolising the university’s commitment to preserving his ideals.
The VC called for a renewed appreciation of Ambedkar’s economic, social, and educational endeavours, emphasising their relevance in today’s world.


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