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Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Reunion: Andy Cohen spills hot tea; release date, seating plan and other deets


Releasing every Tuesday, Vanderpump Rules’ dramatic fury works as a calming agent in viewers’ whirlwind of a reality. Seeking vicarious and gossipy guilty pleasures through all the mess that the Bravo TV reality show offers, fans are loving the rollercoaster ride so far. Spicing things up, TV personality Andy Cohen dropped some major hints about the recent VPR Season 11 Reunion taping that wrapped up over the weekend. Without outing hard facts, Cohen’s titillating teases for the remaining episodes of the season and the upcoming reunion are bound to encourage the audience to stick around for the fiery finale. Though nothing could ever match the level of explosive drama that blasted last year on the show, Cohen claims to have “really enjoyed” this year’s outing. Episode 8 drops tonight at 8/7c, with Peacock streaming it tomorrow. If the midseason trailer previewed earlier hasn’t roused your attention, these mild Reunion spoilers are likely to do the trick.

Vanderpump Rules Season 11 premiered on Bravo TV on January 30.(Instagram/ lalakent)

Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Reunion Release Date

The official date of the reunion special episode series hasn’t been outed yet. However, fans can expect it to drop a week after the VPR Season 11 finale, like last time. If the 11th season is slated to end with the 15th entry like Season 10 did, then we’re looking at a June date for the reunions. Last year, the three-part reunion special was succeeded by yet another exclusive sit-down titled ‘Secrets Revealed.’ Bravo picked up Reunion Part 1 on May 24, just a week after the season finale. On top of that, the seating plan for this was announced beforehand in March, much like how Season 11’s chart was revealed a few days ago. Keeping a tally of the calendar updates followed for the previous season, ardent viewers can hope for a similar route. It all comes down to how many episodes are left in the season’s journey.

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Episode 8 ‘Peaks and Valleys’ is scheduled for today, i.e. March 19, before which a midseason trailer was released for the drama yet to come. This means that we’re halfway down the road, so depending on the number of pending episodes, the reunion release window opens up from April – June. According to JustJared, the road ahead will bring out the final seven episodes. If the deal is sealed there, the reunion may as well unfold in May 2024 (given there are no breaks in the episode telecasts).

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Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Seating Chart: Everyone attending

When a roundtable sit-down revolves around hot gossip, the seating plan can either make or break the drama. Two days ago, Bravo TV presented the chart with TV host Andy Cohen in the middle of it all, sitting right next to Lisa Vanderpump. To his left, we find Ariana Madix, Katie Maloney, Lala Kent and James Kennedy. On the other side, Tom Sandoval, Scheana Shay and Brack Davies will be sitting next to Ms Vanderpump. Those excluded from the seating chart review, but teased to be in attendance for the upcoming reunion also includes Ally Lewber and Jo Wenberg.

What to expect from Vanderpump Season 11 Reunion

Andy Cohen spills the tea

After filming the VPR reunion over the weekend, Andy Cohen sat down for his SiriusXM show and spilt the dirt on the reunion, which he “really enjoyed.” He opened up about how this year’s get-together was the kind that compelled him to engage because “there was so much to talk about,” which made for a “compelling” concoction. Comparing the scene with last year’s situation, he acknowledged that “nothing could be as heated as last year.” Despite the brewing diversity of eclectic and intense things to talk about, everything went down “calmly.” Occasional screaming was accounted for, but the previous year’s reunion had already raised the threshold for endurance, so all went smoothly.

In addition to dishing his thoughts on the reunion, he also confirmed that the upcoming share of remaining Season 11 episodes is “really good.”

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How Lala Kent perceived the reunion amid her pregnancy

While speaking to The Daily Dish, Lala addressed how things would be “very, very different” this time, especially for her, if not for everyone. With her second child on the way, she talked about wanting to be as “composed” as possible since she doesn’t “wanna bring any toxicity to the womb.”

She hit the nail head-on, “How do I talk without yelling? This is gonna be new for me.” But she ultimately drew the line and settled on being herself and speaking her mind. “I never really plan anything,” she continued.

The upcoming drama dose will also circle around Jo Wenberg’s friendship with Tom Schwartz. Tom’s fling-turned-friend previously posted a lengthy message on Instagram, talking about how happy being around Schwartz made her. “Everything about this human makes me happy. Have you ever found a human that just gets you? Makes you laugh and has a genuine love for people the same way I do too. that’s Tom.”

Vanderpump Rules is on Bravo TV every Tuesday at 8 pm Eastern time / 7 pm Central time. International viewers may tune into Peacock the next day for the episode premieres.


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