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Hyeri breaks silence after Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol’s split: ‘I’m feeling very lucky…’


Lee Hyeri has spoken out for the first time following Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol’s dating drama. The K-drama actress, who was in a relationship with her Reply 1988 co-star for around 8 years, was recently embroiled in a controversy involving her ex. However, the actress remained silent and waited until the issue was resolved. As of now, Hyeri says she is satisfied with her life and feels very lucky.

Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol’s breakup mystery resurfaces as she unfollows him amid dating rumors with Han So Hee.(Hyeri- Creative Group ING,Ryu Jun Yeol- C-JeS Studios,Han So Hee-9ATO Entertainment))

Hyeri appears at Hyell’s Club

The My Roommate is a Gumiho star recently appeared on Hyeri’s Club, her YouTube show. The episode, which aired on April 5, featured comedian Jo Se Ho and actor Nam Chang Hee as special guests. The trio engaged in playful banter and expressed their excitement about reuniting.

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When asked, “How do you feel living as Hyeri? Of course, many people like you but you must have worries of your own, too. So, I wonder how it would feel like living as Hyeri,” the actress responded, “I feel good.” Without hesitation, Hyeri continued, “When I showed up on the show ‘You Quiz on the Block,’ the most difficult thing was that I had to talk about my story and discuss things that were tough in my life. But to be honest, there’s nothing… (that greatly bothered me). So I just ended up dancing on the show.”

For the unversed, the actress was praised for her mature approach towards handling the sensitive dating controversy which erupted between her ex Ryu Jun Yeol and actress Han So Hee. The duo ended their relationship just days after it began due to backlash from fans. Meanwhile, Hyeri faced continued attacks from the opposing fandom after Han So Hee defended herself against “transit love” accusations made by Hyeri’s fans.

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Hyeri feels ‘very lucky and grateful’

During their conversation, Hyeri expressed her gratitude, “I think I’m very lucky. People like me whatever I do.” Jo Se Ho continued, “I heard that luck doesn’t come to someone who stays and does nothing. Eventually, luck happens when you bump into each other, meet someone, and chat with others. Anyway, that luck came to you because you weren’t staying still. But it’s great that you’re embracing it well.”

There were reports that Ryu Jun Yeol’s agency had purchased Hyeri’s Creative Group ING. For a sum of 1.3 billion won ($959,863.84 USD), C-Jes reportedly took over ING. Following the acquisition, they are expected to combine their management and co-manage artists. This means that both former partners are likely to reunite under the same management once again. On the professional front, Ryu Jun Yeol is currently starring in the upcoming Netflix series The 8 Show, while Hyeri is starring in the new movie Victory.


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