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The students were rescued in a joint operation by an NGO and police.

Among the rescued students, Mohammed Saddam got 356 marks and Ranjit Kumar got 293 marks.

Bihar Board announced the result of the class 10th exams on March 31, Sunday in which 82.91 per cent of students managed to pass. Amongst these students, five students from Gaya achieved academic success despite suffering from horrendous circumstances in their lives.

As per Local18 Bihar, some brokers misled them for more money considering their impoverished backgrounds and sent them to study at bangle factories in Rajasthan and Hyderabad. They, however, were rescued timely and managed to achieve meritorious positions in the matriculation examinations.

Among these students, Mohammed Saddam of Paraiya block got 356 marks and Ranjit Kumar got 293 marks out of 500. Shivpujan of Chandauti Block got 268 while Nitish Kumar got 361 marks. Monu Kumar of the Imamganj block area also managed to secure a second division. While these children were working in a bangle factory, they were rescued with the help of an NGO and the police and kept in a juvenile home. Arrangements were made for their education here and in April 2023 everyone was sent to their respective homes.

Mohammed Saddam from the Paraiya block shared insights about his struggle. He reminisced about how his father Mohammed Imitiyaz sold clothes and how he used to study in a government school till Class 3rd. He then enrolled for admission in a Madrasa and a high school for the 9th grade. While studying, Saddam said that he went to Jaipur with one of his brothers who used to make purses there and he used to stay at home. One day, following a police raid, they were taken to a Bengal factory, their photographs were clicked and then to the juvenile home.

Saddam remembered pleading with the police that he was a student and had come to Jaipur for a visit, but no one trusted him. After being kept in a juvenile home for three months, he was sent home in April last year. Saddam regrets that had some of his time not been wasted in the juvenile home, he would have secured even better marks in the matriculation exams.


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