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Anant wants to become an IPS officer.

Anant Kumar is a student of Bhagwanpur Ratti High School in the Vaishali district.

You must have heard many stories of achieving success after hard work. A similar story about courage and struggle has been written by a child from a small village in Bihar. The child we are talking about comes from a family from the village of Parsurampur in the Vaishali district, whose father died of excessive alcohol consumption in 2017.

After that, the burden of raising the two children fell on the mother, but neither the woman nor the child lost courage. Then the hard work and the fight paid off and the boy made his mother’s hard work successful by scoring 89.5% in the final exams and becoming his school topper. The student Anant Kumar ignored the limited resources and financial problems of the family and learned on his own with his hard work and diligence.

Anant’s mother Sunita Devi said that after the death of her husband, she did not know how to fulfil the responsibility of her two children. Therefore, she took over her husband’s work and worked as a hairdresser from door to door, as her husband was by profession. She went to every house in the village, cut the women’s nails, painted their feet, worked instead of her husband and did not let the education of the two children interrupted. Sunita said that she is very happy about the success that her son has achieved through hard work.

Anant said that problems and circumstances were already visible at home during his studies. He never let his courage break and achieved this success by working hard day and night. Anant is a student of Bhagwanpur Ratti High School in the Vaishali district. He wants to become an IPS officer so that he can give his mother and sister a happy and comfortable life.


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