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Tannu got 477 out of 500 in the Class 10 board exam.

Tannu is the daughter of a tuition teacher Rajesh Kumar and a homemaker Anjana Devi.

A few days ago, the Bihar Board released the results of the Class 10 exams on their official website. A girl from the district of Purnia became the topper of her district in the examination, after facing difficulties in her household.

The News18 team visited the girl, named Tannu, for an exclusive interview. According to her, she found success after going through a lot of struggles in her journey. In January, her mother had to undergo an operation and her household struggled with a lack of food and drink.

Tannu stated further that she and her sister were preparing for their respective matric examinations while helping their mother with household chores. A family of five, consisting of three siblings and their parents, live in a small room. They have two beds, one for the parents and the other one for the siblings. The siblings took turns to study, and as one slept, the other studied.

Tannu, the district topper, revealed that when she came home after one of her papers, she was sure of her good result and was positive that she would become the state topper. However, due to certain problems in her house, she was unable to score well in science. So, her total marks stood at 477 out of 500, making her the district topper instead of the state.

Speaking further, Tannu said that her father teaches home tuition nearby, so since he was busy there, he could not take her to the examination centre. Tannu then went to take her examinations with her neighbourhood friends. To prepare for the exams, she devoted seven to eight hours daily to her studies. She took tuition from a teacher nearby, adding that she has yet to give him his due.

Tannu is the daughter of tuition teacher Rajesh Kumar and her mother Anjana Devi is a housewife. Her family revealed she has always been good at studies and was never scolded for it. She aims to become a Collector in the future.


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