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Jammu: Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Jammu, released its final placement reports for the first batch of the Master’s Programme in Hospital Administration and Healthcare Management (MBA – HA & HM) (2022-24) in collaboration with All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Jammu and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Jammu, IIM Jammu said in a press release.
The placement scenario at IIM Jammu has been remarkable, with over 56 companies participating in the final placements. The institute has established itself as one of the fastest-growing IIMs, creating a strong presence in the industry.
A total of 44 students from the first batch of MBA (2022-24) appeared for the final placements. IIM Jammu witnessed new opportunities emerging as students secured roles in diverse domains including Healthcare Sector, Product Management, Marketing, Consulting, Finance, General Management, Operations, and Supply Chain related to Healthcare and Health Administration. The highest domestic CTC stood at INR 32 LPA, with the top 10 percentile at 21.7 LPA, and the average top quartile CTC at INR 18.76 LPA. The average and median CTC stood at INR 14.01 LPA and 13 LPA, respectively.
IIM Jammu emerged as one of the preferred campuses for recruiters, with prominent companies like Napier Healthcare, Carelon Global Solutions, Meril, Cognizant, Red Health, Narayana Health, Shalby Limited, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Harmony United Psychiatric Care, HDFC Life, Digit Insurance, Kanzariya Industries, Infosys, Hexaware Technologies, Phoenix Compliance, and KareXpert among others extending offers.
Prof. B.S. Sahay, Director of IIM Jammu, mentioned, “The 100 percent placement record for the first Batch of MBA HA & HM underscores the dedication and caliber of our students, along with the rigorous training they receive at IIM Jammu. I extend my sincere appreciation to Prof. (Dr.) Shakti Gupta, Director, AIIMS Jammu and Prof. Manoj Singh Gaur, Director of IIT Jammu, for their invaluable guidance and support, which played a pivotal role in achieving this landmark placement success.”
He further said that this program stands as a unique initiative, where three Institutes of national importance – IIM, AIIMS, and IIT have collaborated synergistically.
He further said, “This program stands as a unique and pioneering initiative, where three Institutes of national importance – IIM, AIIMS, and IIT – have collaborated synergistically. We at IIM Jammu take pride in their accomplishments and remain steadfast in our commitment to providing them with the finest opportunities for growth and success.”
Prof. Jabir Ali, Chairperson of Placements at IIM Jammu, emphasized that exceptional placements serve as a testament to the outstanding quality of education and talent pool at IIM Jammu.
He said, “The exceptional placements serve as a testament to the outstanding quality of education and talent pool at IIM Jammu. This program stands as a shining example of the objectives set forth in the National Education Policy (NEP) of 2020, wherein three Institutes of National Importance – IIM, IIT, and AIIMS – have joined forces to create a unique and, the first of its kind program in the entire country. We take great pride in witnessing our students excel in diverse roles across various sectors.”
Dr. Baljeet Singh, Co-Chairperson of Placements at IIM Jammu, emphasized, “The successful placements for the first Batch not only highlights the trust and confidence that the industry places in our institution but also reaffirm our commitment to maintaining excellence in nurturing future leaders. We remain dedicated to this pursuit and will continue to strive for excellence in all our endeavors.”
Dr. Harsha Jariwala, Chairperson of MBA HA & HM, stated, “IIM Jammu has solidified its position as a favored hiring destination for top recruiters, owing to the exceptional business acumen and skills exhibited by our students. Our commitment lies in nurturing talent and cultivating industry-ready professionals, especially in the vital domain of Hospital Administration and Healthcare Management.”
The placement activity was coordinated by Prof. Jabir Ali, Chairperson, Placements, Dr. Baljeet Singh, Co-Chairperson, Placements, and Dr. Atanu Dutta, Placement Officer, along with the Placement Committee and Placement Office at IIM Jammu, ensuring a seamless process for all students from the MBA Hospital Administration and Healthcare Management.
With the continuous direction and guidance of Prof. B.S. Sahay, Director, IIM Jammu, the training, and placement at the Institute are poised to scale new heights year after year, ensuring the success and fulfillment of its students’ career aspirations.


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